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Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm wearing this weekend

This outfit features my sausage shorts, so named because they make my thighs look like blue sausage.
It's all good.
Sorry the guitar is taking up the whole picture.
Notice the cleverly chosen wedges and shorts to keep most of me dry as tropical storm Lee dumps rain on us. It is seriously wet out. We got about 12 inches so far.

T-shirt: Forever21 (I'm really getting too old to shop there) - $1.99 on clearance
Long shorts: $3.99 at Bloomin' Deals thrift store
Gold Colin Stuart wedges:also $3.99 at Bloomin' Deals thrift store. They were brand new!
Long necklace: Alloy for something like $1.99. It's very long so I tied it in a knot.
Gold hoops: Gift from the hus for our anniversary
Belt: This used to be a purse of mine and when the purse had a run-in with a permanent marker I cut it up and used the braided handles to make this D-ring belt (FYI it is hard to sew leather, but super easy to sew fake leather) FREE.

What are you wearing this weekend? And let's get tacky up in much did it cost?


  1. SO SO CUTE!!! I love your shoes and actually I love everything about your outfit. I am wearing pj's and workout clothes ha!

  2. haha. please i just got jorts from AE. i did give up on abercrombie/hollister long ago, although their "large" is an XXS in real life and their "shorts" are really thongs... i still browse forever21 and charlotte russe though. hey, cheap clothes.

    i bought some cute colorful sandals yesterday for $1.95. thrift store. i had a 35% off coupon (to a thrift store!)

  3. sounds like I need to go to this Bloomin Deals thrift store! Those $3.99 wedges are ADORABLE!

  4. take care in the weather. Not a fan of any wedges, but I like the sausage shorts.

  5. Love that belt, you are just too fabulous!!! I had my first Good Will experience shopping for jeans, wish that those paper denimns would have fit!! Hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

  6. I am bumming it aound the house so either the clothes were free or it is so old that I can't remember. Do you play guitar or does your hubby? Or is it a prop? ;)

  7. I love that you say you are too old for Forever 21. I went there a couple of years ago and bought some excellent (cheap) tank tops, but other than that, the things are too short or too tight! I mean, I think I had to buy a Lg tank and it was still tight on me! Whew!

    I am wearing $9 thrift store jeans, $5 Target tank top, $3 thrift store cardigan, $20 Reef sandals.