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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Crescent City Classic Photo Album

My friend Bj drove all the way from North Carolina to run this with me! My time was 53:27 - his was like 52 minutes. Are we cute enough to kiss or what?
The party-pooper in normal clothes is the hubby.
P.S. Aren't my squirt guns the awesomest finishing touch?


What you need to know from your friendly pharmacy intern (soon to be pharmacist!!!):

1. No one here is dying. Why? We don't know. Theory has it that this strain already hit the US, meaning there is a certain level of immunity here already. Hmmm.
2. Tamiflu still works. There are very few drugs that actually treat any viral infections (and to date, we can't cure any viral infection medically, excluding some anecdotal reports of Hep C. Viruses can't be killed because they're not alive! Plus they mutate like a science fiction thingy. So treatments are hard to design).
Anyway, regular influenza is growing resistant to the current stand-by drug, Tamiflu. But swine flu still runs screaming, so that gives us a weapon at least.
Oh by the way the wholesalers already have it on allocation; last night we could only buy 4 boxes and everybody and their brother was in the ED with "flu" (our standard hypochondriacs always pop in with the latest news story illness).
3. It spreads by respiratory droplets, and we're not ruling out person to person as well. So -
WASH YOUR HANDS. Don't bother with antibacterial soap because it's a virus, not a bacteria. The rubbing motion is what displaces the virus from your skin.
Don't kiss. That's right, no sloppy kisses. Tell him to wait until the next date :)
Or you can just both wear masks, which might make kissing some people more pleasant anyway.
Cover your mouth and glare in disgust and indignation at those who don't.
Feel free to call in to work with suspected swine flu (this did not work for me).
4. Keep your immunity up.
So sleep well, stay hydrated, eat raw fruits and veggies, and it will not hurt my feelings if you take vitamins, even though it's so much better to get your vitamins in your food.

World's cheapest graduation outfit!

I am GRADUATING in just a few days, and to celebrate we're having a party at the dear in-laws' beach house. The theme is sort of Southern summer" - seersucker, mint juleps, etc. I decided that a great outfit would be a strapless white linen dress that I could use again at White Linen Night (a New Orleans event - check it out at, with bright shoes.
Guess what? Nobody is selling white linen dresses right now except GAP, and that dress fit me all weird. The solution? Why, my old friend Sal...Salvation Army, that is!!!!
I headed to the S.A. superstore, walked up to tjhe dress rack, and nabbed a lovely white number by EXPRESS. The price is the best part - it was $4.99!
Now for the shoes. Would you believe Payless had precious turquois peeptoe wedges on sale for $16? They did!
Of course you are probably dying for a pic and I will supply one when I have the final item -a luscious mother of pearl necklace I am designing in my head right now. It will be quite beachy.
Woo hoo for cheap clothes!
Woo hoo for graduation!

Friday, April 3, 2009

how did i do???

Well, officially I finished...

17th in the Ochsner run!!!!

But guess what? I actually did BETTER than that - I just didn't realize you had to grab your finishing tickets in order. Even though you wrote your time down on them, for ranking the officials just used the number on the ticket. Naturally I stopped to chat with someone after finishing the race and let 5-6 people pass me and pick up timing tickets before I grabbed mine. So silly of me. So I don't really know my rank, but I'm sort of happy with 17th anyway. It's in the top 20, and it's a cute little number. What if I finished twelfth or something? That's so hard to say - so many consonants right next to each other. TweLFTH. Doesn't roll off the tongue at all, you know. In fact it sounds like you inhaled a fly and are trying to expel it. Yeah, I'll stick with 17th.