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Sunday, September 11, 2011

What are you wearing this weekend?

I truly suck at this. I could NOT get a self portrait with my head and shoes in it at the same time, and just forget about focus. Oh and the fact that the wall and guitar take up half the picture? Sorry. I can't seem to help that.
The classic Myspace self-portrait, bizarre facial expression included.
"Leaning on this banister is so fun!" Take two in an attempt to showcase the shoes.

Gray pointelle polo: No Fleas Market, $2.99
Black Banana Republic cropped pants (yeah, they fit me like capris, but they're labeled as ankle crops. My big derriere takes up so much fabric it makes them too short. The curse of a big booty!): Ebay, $8.99
Fierce Nine West platform peeptoes in black croc: No Fleas Market, $6.99
Chandelier earrings: my jewelry box
Undone hair and makeup: Sunday special!

I hit up the No Fleas Market yesterday on my walk back from bringing Abe some apples at work (everyone needs to have a taste of the first McIntosh crop of the season!). No Fleas is a thrift store that benefits animal welfare (several organizations) and although their selection is small and prices rather high, I did find a few winners. I also got a black strapless cocktail dress by Express. It's simple and elegant, but it oddly has too much fabric around the stomach (it's a slim fit style...obviously, I mean when is the last time Express made something loose and billowy?). It almost seems like it gets wider at the waist and tapers at the hips! Oh, well, nothing a seamstress like myself can't fix!

What are you wearing this weekend?


  1. Megan and I stopped at that market the same day we bought our running shoes at Varsity Sports (as you suggested) but I bought only a few books that day. I will have to check out the clothes next time. I have the booty problem too. I have to try on all pants, shorts, etc. since I am not able to buy those things online without the fear of a pending return.

  2. Express has cute stuff, but I seem to remember the sizing being kind of weird too. As in I fit into a way smaller size than I do in other clothing.

    I love thrift store shopping! I went last weekend too -- to buy a jacket -- and naturally I "had to" pick up a few more things. I ended up spending about 30 bucks for 1 jacket, 3 sweaters, 3 long sleeved shirts and an undisclosed number (may be higher than 10) books! I think I got out of there intact this time!