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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weather Channel wins

Despite all my angry staring, the Weather Channel won. Race morning should be 80 degrees, rainy, and between 97 and 100% humidity depending on whether it's raining or just steaming.
Change, weather! Darn you!

I am wearing shorts and a tech T for the race. This is my first marathon in shorts! I've worn capris before but I much prefer long tights. Shorts are my least favorite option, but obviously in this weather I have to go with shorts, even though they are no fun in the rain and offer no compression for my tired muscles.
I am wearing my Saucony Kinvaras. This will be their debut marathon. I thought about going back to the Karhu Fast's, but I decided to give the Kinvaras a try since this is my mulligan* anyway. I'm also thinking about trying out a new music playlist, but I probably won't since I only collected about an hour's worth of music and I don't like messing with my ipod while I race. I just want to get all my new things and kinks out early this year and this race seems like the time to do that.
So, what else do we have planned in miniature Keene? Some rainy walking and hiking; part of a foliage tour (yes, I know it's early); covered bridge photo ops; and a relaxing Sunday night watching the game and having a beer. My hubby is missing the Saints game for this race, and now I feel pangs of guilt. But it's just the Texans; they're boring anyway.
So...will the weather kick my booty? Or will it be cake after a summer of highs and humidity? To be continued!
Tell me your absolute ideal running weather. 

*I had to go to this stupid golf tournament for work and picked up some  terms. I don't play golf and the game nearly bored me to tears.


  1. Um, Go Texans. Then again, half of New Orleans is still relocated in Houston so I won't say that too loudly.

  2. you should be used to this weather anyway, no?

    and in all that humidity - capris might be better... shorts would just get soaked and then rub. (on me anyway)

  3. Wow, your stare IS intense. I am surprised the weather didn't immediately change!

  4. Wow, that weather sounds rough! Definitely take it easy and just enjoy the race! I guess at least the rain will be warm right?

    My ideal race weather is pretty much what I get here for most races in CA - 50s, low humidity.