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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freaking stupid marathon

I'm running the Clarence DeMar marathon this Sunday, and I should have known it would suck after seeing the injudicious use of Comic Sans on the website (Comic Sans is a non-font and should never, ever, ever be used).
Let's gripe.
1. The weather is going to be terrible: rain, high humidity, not hot but certainly not cold, either. What the heck, New England!
I just realized that since I checked the weather last night, the forecast has been changed to reflect a high of just 76 rather than 79, so I might need to stop whining. But whining is fun.

2. Hills. Boo.
3. I will be exhausted. Because of a scheduling mix-up (my employer's vacation scheduler basically does not understand her job at all), I am going to be putting in about 60 hours this week, including an off-site flu shot clinic, which usually means a day of no food, water, or bathroom breaks.
4. Lucky me, the marathon falls at an unfortunate time of the month, which means pain, cramps, all-around bad-attitude, and 3-5 extra pounds of water weight sloshing around for 26 miles.
5. There is no Gu on the course and I bet the TSA will take all my Gu away. And Keene, NH is in the middle of nowhere so I doubt they will be selling Gu at the grocery.
6. I feel fat and slow.


  1. Ahhh Gracie, even through all your griping and moaning here you make me laugh. Seriously laughing to myself here with your comic sans comment....too funny! Love your mind. Hey, good luck to you...maybe a girl like you who has obviously climbed the ladders in life quite well, will end up running the best race of your life BECAUSE of all the "freaking stupid" things about this marathon! :) Happy Thursday and Good Luck!

  2. I bet you have your best race ever, just because you are prepared for it being the worst.

    PS. you know they sell Gu in NH, I swear it! Good Luck!

    I'd give just about anything right now to be able to run even 1/4 of that race.

  3. I get all of those crazy thoughts the week leading up to a marathon. You will be fine, speedy girl!

  4. Sounds like its going to be an awesome race ;-)

  5. TSA has never taken my Gu (Hammer Gel) away. Then again, I don't look like a terrorist. Not saying that you do...

  6. Hahah! It's going to be great! And NH may be kind of rural, but THEY HAVE GU! It's not Vietnam, for goodness sakes! Anyway, Gu is also less than 3 oz, so just put it in your 1 qt baggie.

    You will probably run your fastest marathon ever.

  7. Grace...there is a running store in Nashua and Manchester. Where are you flying in to? The weather is supposed to be really humid, YIKES!!! I know that you will do awesome girl. I will be thinking about you!!

  8. You crack me up!!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your PR. ;-)

  9. Ah, Grace, I can't decide if this is sad or hilarious. Despite all the crap, I hope the race goes well for you.