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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sharpie Queen

My friends used to call me the Sharpie queen because I was always armed with a permanent marker to correct public grammar errors. The problem now is that fewer such errors are on signs and posters. Instead, they are on computer screens, and my husband is annoyed when I marker up my monitor.
Who the heck gave this trash 3 stars?!


  1. You corrected public grammar errors!?? Hahah! That's funny. So you see a sign with a misspelled word and you Sharpied it? Awesome.

  2. now you tell me. shit. i'd hate to see what your computer screen looks like after you read my blog. i'm not a writer, hell i'm just trying to string two sentences together. :-/

  3. Haha, blogs don't count! The excerpt above was part of a story from a major news corporation.