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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I did it.

Registered for Boston.
Unicorns run fast!

I kind of never thought I'd run the Boston marathon - I mean, not even a year ago, when I despaired ever breaking 4 hours in a marathon.
Not even when I started to move my legs a little faster and first BQ'd, with exactly 9 seconds to spare (and didn't realize it until Dailymile and bloggy friends told me....I'm such a loser).
I think I'm a little worried that I'll never get in another year, as running gets more popular and I get older and slower. So I went ahead and registered.
I must say, for all my complaining, registration was fast and simple (ie, you select your qualifying race from a drop down menu, etc). That's good, because I was doing it on my laptop at work while trying to figure out why some neurosurgery resident wrote an rx for "morphine 4 mg tablets" (Hello! No such thing! And if you meant "hydromorphone" [she did] that's an entirely different drug!).
I tried to talk my little brother Abe into running it, too, but he may be doing a semester abroad next Spring. I'd like the company, though.
So now I have a late Spring marathon in the books. I'm pretty excited!
Anyone else register/registering?
How did it go?


  1. Have you received confirmation that you're in yet?? Hope so!!

  2. Congrats on BQing as well as getting into Boston! You are fast, I bet you will qualify again! Who knows you might even BQ at Boston - gotta say that seems like the coolest things to do.

  3. Yahoo! Exciting stuff! I dream of registering for Boston, but with next year's faster qualifying time, there's simply no way.

  4. Wow, how awesome! It's a just a long off dream for me, but I get so excited to hear about people who plan to run it!

  5. Congrats on getting in. When you are ready for your beer tour of Boston, let me know!

  6. Good move on signing up--you'll love it! I signed up on Monday and it was easy peasy (unlike last year). I think the new system is a win!

  7. WHOO HOO! So excited for you. I've heard the experience of Boston is amazing. I seriously seriously doubt I'll ever run it but I definitely would like to be there cheering one day!

  8. I so glad that you decided to sign up. It's a must! I think you will love it!

  9. Congrats! I hope you enjoy the race, and the training for it of course. My boston was kinda just one big cluster :)