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Monday, July 5, 2010

Yes, I really DID buy more shoes.

Last month, I bought some New Balance at TJ Maxx for $29. SCORE! I've worn them for a few runs, and I've come to the following conclusions:
1. I'm really fast in these shoes
2. There is not enough cushion for longer runs

I wore them on a 12-miler and could really feel the road by mile ten. They're also too narrow for my very wide feet, which became a problem about an hour after a run when pain would start shooting through my feet. So I decided to save these guys for races, and wear my Karhus for speed work and shorter runs.
However, I had to have new "long run" shoes because I'm down to the inside sole of my old Nikes. I ended up buying men's Saucony Triumph because they fit my wide feet the best. After two trial runs I really like them! They're heavier than my New Balance but super cushy and really roomy. Success at last! If I end up really liking these guys I'm going to buy ten pairs. Not kidding.
These are my fourth pair of shoes in 9 months...but now I own three basically brand new pairs.
How often do you buy running shoes? Do you wear more than one pair?


  1. Buying running shoes would infer an intent to run. Which I don't do. Because I'm pretty sure my legs would fall off, and I'd have to spend the next 60 years hobbling around on stumps.

    (I have no lining in my left hip joint, so although I'd love to be one of those people, the ones who run and have beautiful legs, it's not going to happen without hip replacement surgery.)

  2. Sounds like you found a good one...I'd say stock up! I seem to be buying shoes like crazy lately as well.

  3. I only wear one pair of running shoes, and try to replace them every 400-600 miles. So that ends up being about every 4-8 months depending on whether I am training for anything. I run in Mizuno Wave Riders. I have super narrow feet, and these fit great, so I love them. I tried a couple of other brands last time I ran a marathon in 2006 and was not impressed with any of them so have stuck w/ Mizunos. They don't have a ton of cushioning, though, so I have been wondering if I should look for another pair now that my mileage is increasing...

    $29 for running shoes is such a steal!!

  4. Running shoes...gah. I need to buy two pairs at a time, although I don't bc they cost a pretty penny. I buy a new pair every 3-4 months. You might want to look into getting wide shoes. I always have to order my wides through our local running store, but it's worth the wait. And I do some running on older shoes a few times a week (mainly my short runs or walks with the dog). In the long run, I'd say buying shoes more often or alternating two pairs of shoes is definitely worth it for your body's sake!

  5. I was wearing my older shoes for short runs before they totally died; I feel like I can get a few more months out of them that way! I shouldn't have to buy shoes for a LONG time, though - I expect to get at lest 600 miles out of these Sauconys and over a year out of my two "short and fast" pairs!
    I have tried women's wides but they do not fit my foot correctly. I only need a wide toe box and I find wide shoes are also wide in the arch. I have a really high arch, so it ends up being like extra empty space under my arch. It feels strange :)

  6. I wear Asic Kayano's. I'm on my third pair of those right now and will need to replace them in about a month. I'm considering switching to a different pair but not sure if I should mess with what works for me... We'll see!