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Monday, July 12, 2010

Work Drama - Resolved!

To recap my work drama, one of my techs was stealing controlled drugs from the pharmacy. We had started keeping count, and my count one morning pinpointed the tech who had closed the night before. I was worried that I was falsely accusing someone - see, the tech (I'll use her initials, RR), was well-liked and a hard-worker. She was outgoing and friendly and generally dependable. I didn't want to believe it could be her! But when I called the shortage in to the Loss Prevention office at corporate I suggested they review the tapes. The cameras don't normally point to the shelf location where the drugs that were stolen were placed, but I though it might just be in range. It was. The tape showed RR asking the pharmacist to help someone, then - after a furtive glance around - snatching two bottles of drugs as the pharmacist was preoccupied. With proof on tape, all we had to do was quietly arrest her.
Of course, I ended up being the one who had to be there for the arrest. One of our pharmacists had worked with her for years and considered her a friend; she was deeply hurt and upset and asked to switch shifts with me so she wouldn't have to be there. I couldn't tell her no, but let me tell you - that was a rough night. Of course I called in coverage for her - another technician who could work her shift - but then they both showed up at the same time and wondered why we had two people working! I made up some silly fib - I was sure RR would suspect - but luckily just then the DEA showed up.
I've been present for many, many arrests in the pharmacy, but most are forgeries - never my own tech. I swear, between the sheriff, the DEA, and corporate officers there were twenty people in my little pharmacy! And FYI, plain clothes DEA guys? You stick out like a sore thumb. You are so obvious it's cute.
Well, they led RR away and took a statement and ended up being there for several hours. Much of the time was spent asking me to price drugs, since her charges were based on the cost of the theft. But the whole evening I could hear her softly crying in the next room. NOT FUN.
But it is fun knowing that we're thief-free now. Work would be perfect if I could just get my customers to stop abducting their ex-girlfriends from the store, right?


  1. I am glad you caught the culprit. Not a fun thing to go through, though. I just am so naive, I didn't even think about the possibility of a pharmacy employee stealing drugs. Never even crossed my mind that someone would steal like that!

    And this is totally off topic, but you mentioned that your knees were bothering you. Have you tried getting a foam roller & rolling out your quads and IT band? When I was having trouble with my knees this spring, I went to my runnign store to buy one of those patella bands to wear when i run and the guy at my running store said that I should avoid any sort of support structures and try using the foam roller as that might help. And I really believe it has. i have not had any knee issues lately. It hurts like hell when you start foam rolling, but once you get the worst knots out, the maintenance stretching it not bad at all. Just a thought!

  2. I'm so glad you were able to have the actual footage! I know this was awful but thankfully it's resolved.
    Lisa's suggestion about the foam roller, I'm totally trying!!
    I'm hoping you're able to resolve the blood pressure issue just as quickly!!!

  3. Aww that sucks. I worked with a waitress who was stealing money off people's credit cards once and even though she was STEALING it was still kind of sad when she was accused of it and fired because I had considered her a friend.

    Geesh, can't wait to hear the abducting story!!!

  4. Glad that is resolved for you. I'm sure it wasn't easy but at least the situation is resolved now.

  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG! Glad that it's over but what the crap is going on with the abductions?!