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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Three Years

Three years ago today David and I got married!
The wedding was nothing special...

But the end result was. It's been the best three years of my life!
In reflection of the three years, here are three things...
...that I enjoy about being married:

1. Coffee and newspaper in the mornings.
2. A second opinion
3. Sweet little text messages throughout the day.
...that I didn't expect:
1. He really is totally clueless in the kitchen. I thought that was an act.
2. I sleep better with company!
3. You never stop learning about each other.
...that I remember about our wedding:
1. My hairdresser put my long, thick hair up with about 400 pins and NO HAIRSPRAY. Most talented person ever.
2. My brother Nate fell asleep during the ceremony.
3. David whispered, "You look beautiful" as soon as he saw me!
...that I miss about being single:
1. I never had to actually cook a meal - I'd be happy with just a piece of fruit and cheese.
2. The bathroom was always clean.
3. I never found kitchen utensils in weird places (yeah, yeah, I know he's trying to help with the dishes...).
If you're married, what do you enjoy? Now I love my husband but I also absolutely loved my single life - so if you're single, what do you love about it?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I completely relate to everything in your 'miss about being single' section!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I'm cohabitating/engaged and I enjoy sharing a bed, coffee and newspapers on Sunday morning, having someone who actually makes the coffee for me, and having way too many inside jokes about our pets.
    I miss being able to pick up a hobby, finish it halfway and then abandon it without anyone else knowing about it, watching movies (we never seem to watch movies since we've moved in together), and cooking things that I like but he doesn't (when he goes out of town, I eat mushrooms like there's no tomorrow!).

  3. Congratulations!! Beautiful pictures!! You look gorgeous and he looks handsome!!
    I'm single, I appreciate not having to ever ask or explain why I needed that pair of shoes, that top, or why I feel that cookies with milk are a perfectly acceptable dinner.

  4. Oh the bathrooom... I'm convinced men don't see the grime. It's disgusting.

  5. Aww, Happy Anniversary! This was fun to read. I love that he whispered that you looked beautiful. Love it.

    Let's see, I am single and what I enjoy is not having to consult someone else when it comes to accepting social plans. Or when making life decisions. Meaning - I coudl take a job in Colorado tomorrow and I don't have to make sure that works for someone else...

  6. Happy anniversary! I love all the ridiculous conversations we have about silly stuff I probably won't remember the next day, but I remember laughing like there is no tomorrow.

  7. Aww Happy Anniversary - love your dress!!!

    I am not married OR single - but I have been in a serious relationship for 5.5 years and also in a long-distance relationship for the last year, i.e. living alone so I feel like I can answer both sides.

    In a relationship:
    -LOVE the sweet texts I get throughout the day
    -Cuddling (when he's here)
    -Having someone to depend on

    "Single" i.e. living alone
    -No-one else to clean up after

    Hmm... That's all I can think of for the "single" one? Clearly I am READY for Eric to get back down here! Haha

  8. Firstly happy anniversary.
    I loved your wedding photos... it's exactly how I want my wedding to be... personally, seeing weddings in gardens, on beaches etc... doesnt seem as sacred and as beautiful as a wedding by the altar... :)

    Im single atm, I just broke up with someone and I def prefer to be with someone. Being single is a little too lonely sometimes and its nice to be able to have someone to think and care about of whom thinks and cares about you in return.


    BUT... it sure is nice not to wake up at 5am to get someones breakfast and send them off to work :)