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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Brother

For the past 4 years David and I have been babysitting my brother Nate while he earned his bachelor's (actually, bachelors - he double majored!) at Loyola University - one of the universities right near our house. He graduated this Spring and will be moving on to graduate school in Pennsylvania.
With Nate gone, David and I were worried about empty nest syndrome. Who would call us at 8 am when his car broke down and he needed a ride to class? Who would call at 6 pm when his car broke down and he needed a ride to work? Who would call at 10 pm when his car broke down and he needed someone to show him how to change the oil? Who would call at 6 am when his car broke down and he needed help duct-taping the bumper back on? (Are you noticing a pattern here?).
Luckily, the nest won't be empty long. I just found out that Abe, the running brother, got a combination of academic and athletic (duh) scholarships at Loyola that he couldn't pass up. So he'll be out neighbor!
I'm looking forward to having Abe around. I love Nate, but he was TROUBLE. He called me to question the expiration of foodstuffs on a regular basis ("This sour cream says it expired last week, but it smells ok, but there's pink goop around the edge. Is it ok to eat?). His car broke a lot because...he's kind of a disorganized slob and honestly he doesn't take care of his belongings. He's brilliant, but he's a double English Lit and Philosophy guy, so he talks a lot and you can never win an argument. He came over to watch the Superbowl and brought Plato along to read during commercials. And he had the convenient habit of appearing at dinnertime or at our restaurant of choice just as we sat down. We'll miss you, Nate, all the same!
Abe, quite unlike Nate, is a neat-freak but impeccably polite and reliable. He is king of on-time, emperor of the thank you note, president of easy conversation. He is clean, organized, and quiet. He's like a grown-up (oh, wait, he's going to college. He is grown-up!).
So now Abe is filling Nate's shoes. My first order of business? Get that kid to teach me how to run fast! And speed my marathon up!


  1. Isn't it funny how siblings can be SO different. It's the same way in my family.

    And color me jealous - I would love to have my sister living super close to me!1

  2. Very cool that you now get your other brother close to you just as one left! Sounds like he might have a more reliable car too which might make your life easier...haha. I loved the part about the expiring food stuff. When I first moved in with my husband, I was appalled at what he thought he could eat!!