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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheap Date Wednesday: Dining Out For Life

Ok, Ok. It's not THAT cheap this Wednesday. I guess it kind of depends on what your restaurant tastes are! Cheap or pricey, I wanted to alert those of you in major cities that this Thursday - as in, tomorrow - is Dining Out For Life night. It's a night when participating restaurants donate 25% of your dinner bill to a local AIDS awareness or research group.
You can check out this map to see if your city participates, plus learn more about DOFL. Here in New Orleans we can pick from these restaurants, and the proceeds benefit the NO/AIDS foundation.
The husband and I might go to The Flaming Torch, which is delicious and a SECRET so don't tell anyone or it might start becoming difficult to get a table. Doesn't the shrimp cocktail look yummy?
Why you should participate this Thursday:
1. Hello, it involves eating good food. Easy choice.
2. Proceeds stay local to help YOUR city's HIV+ population.
3. It's sponsored by Open Table; you can make your reservations online for most participating restaurants and earn points (FYI it will take you approximately a million years to get enough points for any kind of deal or reward, unless you eat every single meal out. Oh well, it's still convenient).
4. AIDS service organizations fill in the gaps that health care providers leave. I can dispense your HIV meds and counsel you on the correct dose, but I can't give you a ride to your next doctor's appointment.

1 comment:

  1. Oh yum. That shrimp cocktail looks amazing. I la la love shrimp cocktail. Yummers.

    I think my city participates but we are having another late night at work tomorrow so there will be no dining out for me. :( Boo.

    Hope you & the husband enjoy your meal out for a great cause!