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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Um...more new shoes! And running gear

Well...yesterday I bought MORE new running shoes! My "long run" shoes are actually totally worn through the sole (in less than 500 miles, ouch) and I can't run far in my Karhus. Since I was off work, I went to a local running store to see if they could help me fit my weird feet.
Foot weirdness: Extremely wide toes, average/narrow heel, bunions (ew), very very high arches, and...I pronate a lot. I know, people with high arches shouldn't pronate. But that's what I do! The gentleman at the store stared at my arches, then stared at my old worn shoe soles, then stared at me. He refused to sell me shoes. He told me I had the strangest feet ever and he was afraid of injuring me and he couldn't help me until I got a note from my doctor. Seriously. So I left shoeless. Next door was a TJ Maxx, and despite my sort-of promise to myself that I would quit buying new clothes for a while I stuck my head in just to check out the deals. Lo and behold! New Balance 738's for $29!

So I bought a pair. They're lightweight neutral shoes and probably not what I need, but for that price I guess I can try them! If I'm screaming and clutching my knees in a few months you'll know I was wrong on this one.
While I'm on the running subject I thought I'd share my basic running gear:

Shirt: whatever race T-shirt is on the top of my pile.
Shorts: I recently started wearing tight, compression style shorts. They don't do much for your figure but loose flapping fabric annoys me to no end. I love these!
Socks: These are from Walmart, but I also have some Underarmour running socks I like. I have some pairs from the dollar store, too - I'm not picky as long as they have padding.
Bra: I have tried nice Nike and Adidas jog bras and I hated them - they actually restricted my lung expansion! I wear cotton fruit of the loom. I had two Everlast jog bras in high school that I just threw out last month - talk about living up to your name!
Etc: Got to have my ipod, cheapo stop watch that goes off everyday at 6:15 because I can't figure out how to turn off the alarm, and dollar store sunglasses. I wear glasses even if it isn't sunny because they keep wind and dirt out of my eyes. I USED to wear the knee strap but I've weaned off it for now.
Hat: My aunt just bought me a white, wicking fabric hat that I intend to try out on sunny days. My head gets hot thanks to my dark hair.
What do you wear to run or exercise? Favorites? Things you can't do without?


  1. Wow! You must have some goofy feet.
    I tend to require expensive socks to protect my feet (I'm a blister machine)- I like the New Balance brand ankle socks.
    And tight shorts, pants, leggings, are a lot more comfortable for me to run in as well. I don't have very big legs, but the way I run makes them rub together- loose fabric bunches up and then my legs chafe. :( I mainly run in Old Navy yoga leggings, but also have a pair of tight Nike shorts (from the outlet in Gulfport) and a pair of Lululemon running tights that I wear in the winter.
    Tops are sports bras from target and tank tops or camisoles from old navy.
    Extra stuff consists of ipod, garmin, cheap Target sunglasses, sometimes a bondi band or a nike headband, and sometimes a spibelt (glorified fanny pack that it is) when I need to carry stuff with me on my run.

  2. I like the C9 shirt & sports bras that target sells. They are cheap and I don't have trouble w/ chaffing/discomfort from either. I tend to wear a lined nike short, and socks that I got from my running store that are supposed to help prevent blistering as they are made w/ synthetic fabric. Then as far as non-clothing, I always have my iPod & my Garmin. I usually wear sunglasses and now that the sun is stronger I will probably start wearing a hat.

    I am intimidated by those compression shorts. Which is silly, really, because I shouldn't be thinking about what people are thinking when they see me running. And really, I am pretty sure no one pays that much attention to what I am wearing!

  3. Aw, Lisa, try them. I have a fat butt and I still wear them! When I wear them on the track I just figure that if everyone else is as miserable as I am, they're too busy trying not to die to notice my clothes.

  4. The Nike Compression shorts I have aren't that unflattering. The Lululemon running tights- I actually feel a little silly in them b/c the waist is *really* high. They are comfy and great for cooler weather though. I've learned that I have to just go with what works. When I first started running, I *hated* that I couldn't wear loose shorts (I don't like tight clothes in general)- but not as much as I hated chafing and wearing uncomfortable stuff on my run. And I got used to it over time.

  5. Shelly, my compression shorts are super high, too! But I fold them down because for one I look a lot cuter ;-) and for two otherwise they press on my tummy and totally make me have to pee, lol!

  6. Your poor feet, I hope the shoes work out for you!

    I LOVE my C9 tank tops. I am a Nike tempo short fan. They don't chafe too much. I also have a couple pairs of Asics shorts that I really like too.... I think I might have a pair from when I first started running.... so they are like 15 years old. LOL