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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Loose Ends

That's what this post is.
1. My calf muscles have gotten huge, and I hate it. How did this happen? Why do I have to look like Lance Armstrong? On the plus side, I'm pretty sure I could kick your head off.
2. This morning when I came to work a big, confused, lumbering palmetto bug (ie flying cockroach the size of a bird) met me at the pharmacy door. I stomped it in a moment of extreme bravery but I really don't think that's in my job description.
3. Last night I blew a fuse for my stove. We live in an old house, so I sent the hubby out with a new fuse so I could make dinner. Not happening: the second, and third, fuses blew as well. We called an electrician, but let's all pray my stove is broken. It's ancient and cooks unevenly and I'd be really happy with a new one. Until we find out it's microwaved quesadillas for dinner.
4. I bought a precious little black Ann Taylor dress from Ebay for 99 cents! It's tags-still-on new and has pockets. I lurve pockets.
5. I got a last minute call to join in on a market meeting tomorrow. The markets in my company are a couple of states; the district managers usually attend these meetings. I get to go and do my HIV spiel, and that's kind of exciting!
6. Sometimes I want to raspberry people who rain on my parade. My sister is sometimes one of those people. I am secretly raspberrying her in my head. To her face I am sending an un-offended, un-offending email of love and rainbows, because that's what sisters do.

7. This is my candy stash. I hide it in a shoe box under my desk. My husband knows I have a candy stash, but he hasn't found it yet. Every so often I have a rough day at work, and all I have to do is wait for him unglue himself from his mac so I can snag a peanut butter cup. It's awesome.
What's going on in your life this Tuesday? And do you have a candy stash, or do you (horrors) share? Or are you so freaking awesome that you don't have a stash because you don't crave chocolate or candy, and even if you do you simply employ your cast iron will and say no???


  1. My calves are huge. But not from muscle. *sigh*

    And I do have a candy stash. Hershey's Kisses. It's the one chocolate I can eat only a few of. Anything else will get noshed systematically until it's all gone.

  2. i do not have a candy stash because I can not just eat one... Well, I did have a candy stash this spring - I got those dove candies with the little quotes on the wrapper, but I had 2 in a row about opening my heart to love and thought - really, now my junk food is giving me advice?

    And I guess when you live alone, it's probably not considered a stash since I have no one to hide it from!!

  3. Haha Eric always teases me about my "big" calves but there solid muscle baby! I think we can thank running for that ;) I actually kind of like mine!!

  4. I've tried to keep a candy/snack stash before but when hubby found it, he was rather insulted that I would hide food from him. It wasn't really hidden, just in the back of the pantry and he never goes moving anything around in there. So, no more candy stash for me!

  5. Baahahaha. I love the comment about your calves. Mine are huge too. It's in the genes I suppose. I swear they're the same size as my quad. No matter what size they are, I try not to fret about it bc the damn things get me through 26 miles of running and a whole hell of a lot of miles on the bike. I guess the Lance inspired calves are just part of the territory. ;)

    I always have some kind of little chocolate or snacking hanging in my cupboards even if it's just a peppermint luna bar. I need something there JUST IN CASE. I try not to buy my fav. stuff though bc I would just gobble it up. Dark choc though is a vice but not something I crave too often so it's fairly safe.