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Monday, May 10, 2010

The party re-cap

Here are all the Thacker kids...minus my sister, who couldn't make it.
This weekend was so overwhelming and busy that I'm actually relieved that it's over. Between all the cooking and baking, the hosting, the entertaining, and the tension that results whenever my aunt and my mom get together...I'm a little happy to be heading back to work.
Here are some of the highlights of our packed weekend:
- Early Friday morning I spent making cake and doing last minute cleaning before picking my aunt up to attend Nate's honors ceremony. It turns out that he won four awards, two for English and two for Philosophy (his two majors). I think as a sister I'm allowed to brag about that a little. Apparently, I'm not. I posted that on facebook and a "friend" I barely know responded with a long public post containing multiple Bible verses pointing out that pride goeth before destruction. That absolutely annoyed me to death. It's not real pride if it's about someone else! Can't I just enjoy my brothers' accomplishments without being judged? People aggravate me. Unfriend!
- Drew Brees was great at the graduation and after half the graduates stopped processing to reach over and shake his hand he just got up and got in line to give each of them a hug or handshake.
- The party was a success! All the food was tasty and the weather was beautiful so our house did not overheat. My aunt was ecstatic to see most of the kids, since we rarely see each other thanks to the distance between us.
- Nate, the honoree, was barely with us the whole weekend. Why? Because he still had schoolwork! That crazy child had decided to write two theses and asked for a deadline extension to this Monday. In true Nate fashion he was writing all the way up to the deadline. Unfortunately that meant that he was hardly there to see my aunt, who flew in from Maryland, or my older brother, who drove in from Texas.
- My aunt had a long list of sights to see that we only barely made a dent in...but it still exhausted us. Thankfully much of our walking and shopping was done in the beautiful and unseasonably cool weather we had all weekend.
- I ate about 1 million calories this weekend, a result of having guests in New Orleans
Now I'm back to reality. Johnny (older brother) and Brenda (his wife) drove home yesterday; my aunt is flying home this morning. I have to crack down and ready a presentation I'm giving this Thursday that sort of took the back burner to my cake-baking, party-making few weeks.
Happy Monday to all!


  1. What a weekend! I'm glad everything went well! Congrats to your brother. How exciting that he got all those awards.

    And really, my jaw dropped re: the frenemy's wall post. wtf. Seriously. It's not like you were tooting your own horn. Definitely unfriend that one. Seriously. What did he/she accomplish by spouting off unapplicable bible verses?

  2. Congrats on what sounds like a great weekend!!! Great job being the hostess. :-)

    The Facebook friend.... that person really needs to get over themselves and their religious "beliefs". Um you cannot be proud of your brother? What the heck is Facebook for anyways? Its sole purpose is braging I thought. ;-)

  3. Entertaining takes so much out of you...and oh my gosh what a facebook d-bag!