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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What was the dumbest thing you did in 2009?

Forget "accomplishments", "lessons learned", or "biggest decisions". It is so much more fun to look back at the dumb stuff we did, isn't it? I mean, with the way I live my life, it can be very entertaining.

Let's see, what did I do dumb this year?

Probably the dumbest was turning down a 6-figure job offer for one that paid thousands and thousands less...and never materialized.


Of course that story had a happy ending, but wow, that was pretty dumb.
Smaller dumb things I did?
- Used Emergen-C cranberry powder as a face mask since vitamin C is so good for your skin. I dyed my face dark pink.
- Almost flooded my car in a bad neighborhood.
- Trimmed my bangs into a shape closely resembling a parallelogram.
- Worked an overnight shift before Thanksgiving, followed by a 5-mile race the next morning then Thanksgiving festivities.
- Addressed a Christmas card to a cousin I barely know as "Mr. and Mrs. So and So" and they have been divorced for a year.
- Addressed another card to another barely-known relative and "Kate and Jack Brown and family" and, um, Jack's her oldest kid, not her husband. Whatever.

I'm sure there's more here but I better run to work - I want to be early and do a little shopping because it's employee 25% off day! Time to load up on toiletries!

Please share a dumb story below to trick me into thinking it's not just me.


  1. OMG, the Emergen-C thing takes the cake, you are too funny! Although the Christmas cards are pretty good too.

    Hhmm.... I ran a 5K really hung over and possibly still a little tipsy. My time wasn't too shabby, although I did feel like I wanted to die by the end.

    I'm sure there are others..... there always are!

  2. I told my friend it was okay if she put a "couple" of things in my garage sale. Turns out she took up more than half of the space we had, and most of it was junk. That whole garage sale was a mess anyhow. Grrr.

    Dumbest thing I've done this decade, "Oh, honey, we should totally buy that house THREE DOORS DOWN from your parents! It's beautiful and it won't be a big deal being so close to them." Yeah, right. Famous last words. Like they said in 40 Year Old Virgin, "It's like Everybody Loves Raymond without all the humor and pithy dialogue." Ugh.

  3. Gracie! Hi, this is Sarah from Vitamin G on!! Happy New Year to you. I always love your comments, and just wanted to stop by to say hi. LOL about your Emergen-C (sp?) face mask! I want to do a post on that on VG. Would you mind? xoxo Happy New Year!

  4. Nicole...I just read your comment, late I guess, and I'm sort of laugh-crying over the house by your in-laws! Brave gal - kudos to you!