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Sunday, December 6, 2009

My knee is blah

Last Wednesday I headed out for a long run, feeling great. I was planning on 16 miles, but at mile 9 suddenly my knee exploded with pain! I tried to"run it off" (bad idea no matter what) but the pain was so bad that I actually cried. And I don't really feel pain - seriously, I had my bottom wisdom teeth cut out sans anesthetic or painkiller and ate a steak afterward. I can't even remember the last time pain brought me to tears!
I had to walk the mile and a half home and have basically been in agony ever since. Walking aches, running throbs, stairs are fine...on the way up, But then I have to stay up there indefinitely.
Well, that was yesterday anyway. Today I braved a very short run - and I could do it! The pain was so bad when I first got hurt that I was convinced running was over for me. But I limped out for 2 slow miles and I feel so relieved. I followed my run with ice and ibuprofen and plan on rest for tonight.
What a scare! If I couldn't run I would blow up like a balloon, I'm a food addict. Phew!

Have you ever had an injury scare? Or health scare? And do you have awesome recovery tips for me?

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