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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thrown off the Scent

Recently I made a great bargain purchase at Pier One. It's this autumn hand lotion complete with cute little leaf charm that I will re-use to make a necklace later. It was only $1.99! The scent is "autumn leaves". The lotion smells exactly like apple cider. This is very confusing to me, especially since the lotion is green. It is baffling my visual-olfactory interactions. I'm glad I'm not struggling to learn the English language because I'm sure I could confuse "leaves" and "apples" for the rest of my life.

I got this body wash for free with a purchase (that I paid for with a gift card, go me!) at Bath and Body Works. The scent is "Ps I love you" which is hard to define anyway, but I'm pretty sure this isn't it. I mean, I know that BBW employs fragrance experts and all, but this smells like potpourri. It should at least be ammended to "Ps your grandma loves you".

Now I like the scent of my current bottle of shaving cream (not that I plan on using it again until oh, say, March), but it definitely isn't avocado. Or alluring avocado, whatever that is. Trust me on this - I am an avocado aficionado (and amateur poet, teehee) and this is most definitely not avocado. It is cucumber. Cucumber, dear shaving cream people, is another veggie with a dark green outside and light green inside. You can distinguish it by its long thin shape...

And this is just ridiculous. It's a "Great new fragrance" but the scent is "original fresh"?! Make up your mind!

Bath and Body Works redeemed themselves with this one, though. I just bought this White Citrus perfume and it is just as it should be: light and fresh with citrus notes, but...white ones. Think lemons and kumquats instead of navel oranges. (This is what I bought with my gift card to get the free body wash!)

Whats your favorite scent for the holidays? What's the newest scent you bought, and what is it? And it is aptly named, hehe?


  1. LOL Alluring Avacado?!! Who comes up with this crap?

    This time of year I love the smell of evergreens! Our Christmas tree smells so good too.

    Other than an actual tree... not sure I've really bought any scented products lately. LOL

  2. I wish we had a real tree :(
    But I do burn our evergreen candle throughout the month!