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Monday, December 21, 2009

A complicated and yucky weekend

I messed up at work, and that is the most miserable feeling ever. I made my first pharmacist mistake (that I know of!) and I feel terrible! Luckily, it was a minor error and no one was hurt. A doctor wrote a prescription for an antibiotic ointment, with the directions to "apply to affected area three times daily", which I dispensed. However, the patient called later and said the affected area is the eyelid, and this ointment said not to use it on the eye. Turns out that this doctor is an ophthalmologist - I just didn't know that since I am not familiar with MD's in the area. Had I realized that, I would have automatically dispensed the ophthalmic version of the ointment (which is sterilized) instead of the regular. Luckily we were able to exchange the ointments; even if the patient had used the ointment it would not have hurt her since the ointment was going on the eyelid, not in the eye.
Still. I feel so stupid for not catching that. I really feel dumb. And I made myself feel more dumb with my next brilliant move - I took the pharmacy key home! Those of us who work at many different stores have to check the keys out and back in each day. I stupidly walked out with the key - later the pharmacy manager called me (she must think I'm an idiot!) and told me I still had it. And this store is over an hour from my house!
Thankfully, that scenario worked out ok. I worked Saturday morning with a pharmacist who is best friends with the pharmacist who needed the keys to open Monday morning, so I passed the keys along through her. I haven't gotten a call yet today so I assume she got in ok! But too late, my reputation is shot.

Why else was this weekend yucky?
- The Saints got mutilated by the Cowboys.
- I had to go to a Christmas party with lots of people I don't know who are out of my age range / stage of life. Because the hubby is 8 years older than me many of his friends are at least a decade my senior and have families, kids in high school, serve on the PTA. David's friends are mostly lawyers and their wives are Uptown socialites. Nothing wrong with that, I just don't know what to say when I get caught in a heated debate about whether or not they should postpone a debutante party because one of the debutantes broker her leg and is in a cast.
- One of the drug stores at which I regularly work (like, I worked there Wednesday) got held up for drugs! They caught the criminal, but that's not my idea of fun even though he was only armed with a srewdriver. Now I remember why they pay me the big bucks.
- My husband started his new job this morning, and since I'm an OPT worrier (other people's troubles) I fretted all weekend. He still doesn't have a car so I actually dropped him off this morning and he will walk home while I'm at work. This upset me because I'm afraid it looks bad to be dropped off at work your first day. I also don't like him walking home at night. It scares me.
- Oh and USAA is actually repairing his car, not totaling it, so until this car dies we'll have a post-flood Civic. That just killed the blue book value.
- I managed one short run on Sunday and my knee hurt so much I actually started trembling; I looked down and realized it was twice the size of the other knee. I think I really hurt it!
- This evening I work at the same store where I made the mistake - I don't even want to look at anyone in the eye over there! Ugh! I feel soooo silly!!!

On the bright side, this is a 3-day work week so perhaps I should stop complaining.
And how was your weekend? Please say less eventful!

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