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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obligatory Resolutions Post

I'm feeling the pressure. I get it - new year, new start, time to make some big life changes (translation: the gym and running track will be super crowded for a few weeks until everyone falls off the wagon around the last week of January. Here in New Orleans we have Carnival season, a debauchery of food, drink, and shiny plastic beads which speeds the process up a little).

But I hate resolutions. I dislike arbitrary rules (I as that aggravating "Why???" kid growing up), and that's what I equate resolutions with. However, I am going to bow to societal norms, so here goes:

My 2010 New Years Resolution is (yeah, there's only one):

- Order more cocktails. Yes indeed, people! No more hiding behind my merlot and reveling in its fruity warmth! On to the world of multiple ingredients and ice cubes! Dangerous territory, this.

Perhaps even some more ABSINTHE cocktails!

I'll let you know how that plan plays out.

Your turn. Got any resolutions? Or do you think resolutions just set you up for failure? Do you make long lists, or just one major change like my cocktailing resolution above?


  1. Ha! Well at least you are in a PERFECT city for accomplishing your resolution! I think when I lived in NOLA I RARELY had wine, more often than not it was cocktails. Actually I'm not even sure some of the places I went had wine....

    I'm not doing resolutions, I'm setting goals... I like goals better. Although none of my goals are as good as your resolution. ;-)

    Happy New Year!!!

  2. I agree. Goals make more sense; you have soemthing to aim for, not something you must immediately conform to.