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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun and Free Christmas

Here I am, getting ready to drop big bucks on tickets for a Christmas concert, and I'm posting about free stuff to do for Christmas.
Silly me.

1. Attend a cantata. Most churches put on a big Christmas program for free and nice big churches with nice big choirs usually have a lovely cantata! Tiny little churches with names like "Second Christian Church of Jesus' Redeeming Fire and Blood" should probably be avoided.
2. Sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Have you seen these programs in which singers of all skill levels form a massive choir and sing the hallelujah chorus? Most programs provide the score and a conductor and you provide your voice. If you enjoy singing but aren't too critical of others' singing skills this is fun and very christmas-y.
3. To me the most reverential Christmas feeling comes with a candlelight service.
4. If you live near me, you've got to go to a bonfire on the levee!
5. Volunteer with a group to go caroling at a local nursing home (a personal favorite since most of the residents can't hear how bad I sound).
6. Go on a lights tour around residential neighborhoods, trying not to look like you're casing the joint.
7. I bet if you turn your tv on some station somewhere is playing It's a Wonderful Life. Watch it in your Pj's. And if it isn't on when you want it to be, your library probably has it for free.
8. When we were little we would read Dicken's A Christmas Carol aloud, taking turns. I remember once an aunt sent us a large tin of those hard striped candies and we happily developed cavities as we read. It made enunciation difficult, but I'm sure that just encouraged appropriate elocution.
9. If it snows, get together a sledding party! Sledding might be my favorite sport, and i really think it has a shot at becoming an Olympic feature. If you can persuade some kids to come with you they probably have all the cool sleds.
10.Go window shopping downtown....and drag your honey past all the jewelry you would like so that when he has to rush out and buy a last minute gift (he will) he remembers what you pointed out.

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