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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My worry fixes

Thanks for all the congrats yesterday for the hubby. It is such a big change, and since it is an area of law I don't know too much about, I can't run every detail of his work life anymore. Sigh.
Some of the responses got me thinking about how I respond to worry. Specifically, I was thinking about how I deal with worry so it doesn't take too much out of my life. I made a little list to share but I totally expect you to share back. And you can't say running because Lindsey and Britt already did.

SO my worry fixes:
- Do something special for somebody else. Write a card, buy flowers, send Facebook gifts, whatever. It takes your mind off your own life and worries!
- Drink coffee. True, I drink coffee no matter what my state of mind is; but there is something empowering about a cup of coffee. As your heart rate picks up you get the sense that you can solve or survive whatever your problem is. Did anyone else read Margaret Jensen's book First We Have Coffee? The mother in this autobiographical work always tackled problems after a good pot of coffee. It's a cute story. You should read it.
- If I'm worried about something I can fix...quite simply, I fix it. For example, if I had a big report at work or a research project in school, I would jump in and start work. Once you get started you see that things aren't as bad as you first thought.
- If it's something I can't control I verbally remind myself of this. I frame a sentence and say it out loud: "It isn't your duty to make sure your brothers get good grades. They are smart kids and are grown-up enough to study on their own, and they will earn the grades they deserve." Truthful - not sugar coated - but it takes the weight off of me!
- If it is stressing me out I exercise (I didn't say run so it isn't against the rules). Endorphins = happy feelings.
- PRAY. Once, then let it go!

So your turn!
How do you deal with worry?
What is your response?

PS - the picture shows worry dolls. I used to have some when I was a little kid (choking hazard! Do not endorse!). You tell each doll a worry and it takes care of it overnight. The idea is that you only get 5 dolls, so you only get 5 worries. The person above is clearly an overachieving worrier, since she is well over quota.

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  1. I had worry dolls - probably at an age when I shouldn't have had them! I had no idea what they were and just played with them.