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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm getting my husband a pun-y Christmas gift!

My gift to the hubby this year is my second favorite thing, a verbal-visual pun (my first favorite being a plain old verbal verbal pun).

It is this painting, shown here still on the easel, which I entitled "The apple of my eye". This will be accompanied by a cheesy note about how he is the apple of my eye. This is so uncharacteristic of me that the hubby will get suspicious and flip the note over, where he will find that I am actually giving him permission to buy an imac. Haha, get it, an EYE MAC (that's a McIntosh apple in the picture for non-New Englanders).
I am resigned to having to explain this pun to him...but he won't mind since he'll be thrilled that he gets a new computer! I was too unsure to buy it myself - a computer is pretty personal. Hence the dorky pun.
The painting is acrylic on vellum bristol and I did it quickly this morning before work. The eye looks creepy. Let's get a close up:

Nice. There is a trick to getting the creepy eye: you leave out the "stripes" on the iris. But please don't steal that trick. I invented it. Then I put the picture in this dual frame:

So what do you think? Think he'll get it? Did YOU get it???


  1. Now I know this is outright bragging, but that apple looks downright edible. Why did I choose a career in pharmacy again?
    Oh yeah, it was the money.

  2. I mean he's a guy is this something he really would want

  3. Haha not the painting part but he'll love the imac part! He's wanted one for years.