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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Meet-up

(The meet-up group. I'm in the back looking damp and warm.)

Nobody slipped me a mickey, so that was good.
I met up with a group for sushi this Friday right after work. Unfortunately I got rained on going to my car and going to the restaurant, so I arrived a sticky mess. I met some nice people and one of them is a runner who had actually run a lot of races I had and we were swapping stories. His wife was charming and we chatted throughout dinner but...
I never got her name! We weren't really formally introduced and I either never caught her name or forgot it immediately. Now I'm annoyed at myself because I definitely had the most in common with her out of the whole group. Has that ever happened to you? You missed the name of the one person you really needed to be introduced to? Usually I'm pretty good with names, so this annoys me!


  1. Ugh... I am awful with names! Hopefully you can figure out how to get in touch with them. And their names!

    Actually at our party on Saturday a couple I hadn't met before came.... took me forever to remember the wife's name. She found me on facebook though so now I definitely know her name!

  2. I'm glad the meet up worked out! Very cool to meet someone that you had things in common with. Could you go back and look as the RSVP list for the event and figure out who she was? I hate when I don't get someone's name... I too am good at names, but sometimes i forget to ask!

  3. Lisa, good idea, but she didn't RSVP! The couple came as someone's guest! Just my luck!