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Friday, May 21, 2010

Last running post, or "In which I run out of things to write about".

Running likes and dislikes....
LIKES: some of my favorite races, accessories, things to do...
- New shoes!
- Crescent Connection Race (over a long bridge)
- Vitamin Water Revive with potassium to decrease post run cramping
- Gulf Coast Classic 10k
- Compression shorts/capris
- Feeling just a little sore after a long run or race
- Gu. It's what's for dinner!
- The occasional untimed fun run.
- Running races with the brother(s)
- Rest days!

DISLIKES: the parts I don't adore...
- Having to carry water on a run
- Race T-shirts. I want my dresser drawer back.
- Running in 100% humidity. BOO.
- Forgetting to charge my ipod
- Knee pain.
- Running nausea
- Crescent City Classic. Meh, I'm kind of over it...too many people at this one!
- Summer acne from yucky sweaty work outs
- Ugly feet


  1. Like:
    - How toned my legs are from running
    - Vanilla or Chocate Gu
    - Training for races - I am a bit on the anal side so like having an excel spreedsheet that tells me how far to run each day...

    - Chaffing
    - Knee pain that hasn't quite gone away
    - Any fruit flavored gu's, they make me sick!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. THese are good.

    My likes...

    training well for a race and running it not feeling like total shizat.
    pristinely white running shoes (doesn't last long in OR)
    chocolate milk for recovery after a hard run

    chaffing, especially from the sports bra
    running with people who are faster than you but insist on not waiting for you when you stop to walk or have to slow down...frustrating!
    knee, feet, IT band issues
    getting in the double digits for the hell of it