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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday...what are you wearing to work?

I have to kind of dress up for work. We have a dress code, but I cheat a lot: especially since I wear a white lab coat. White coats are the bathrobe of the medical profession. There's all kinds of wrinkly mess under most white coats.
For me, the most important component of my work wear is my shoes. 'CAUSE I LOVE SHOES! Actually it's because I stand up at work for 8 hours straight. I also move around a lot, and fast- so I need shoes that are practically athletic but look dressy.
The rest of my outfit varies, but I'm always well-accessorized. I don't want to look like I stopped caring. Once comfort > appearance, you look like you gave up on life. I make a lot of jewelry, so my collection is vast, and I usually wear at least 2 pieces. I'm also a fan of belts and scarves.
Today I'm wearing... slim slacks, a yellow T-shirt (it's under the white coat! Who cares!), and a bright cotton scarf. I forgot to put my jewelry out... I'll probably wear a thick bangle and skip the necklace and earrings since I have a loud scarf on. Those boots are super comfortable for all-day standing. I like the rubber heel - lots of shock absorption. Should I tuck my pants legs in? It looks pretty casual, but sometimes I do it anyway!
Tomorrow I'll...

...recycle the same slacks, this time adding a wrinkle-free button down and some copper wedges. I dislike flats for work. There just isn't enough between me and the floor, and I tend to lock my knees when standing in flats. The 1" wedge on these shoes is perfect. In fact I have 4 pairs of these wedges, 2 black, one bronze, and one silver! I'll wear a few bracelets and this mother-of-pearl and polished gemstone necklace. I made these necklaces for my bridesmaids and kept one when one of my bridesmaids had a last minute outfit change.
Of course, I always wear support hose to prevent varicose veins! Just kidding, I don't. I ought to, and every so often I buy a few pairs and promise myself I'll wear them. I wear them once or twice, then give up. They are so hot and uncomfortable and they squeeze my toes in a death grip!
What do you wear to work? Do you have a dress code? Do you break it? Mine says no open toed shoes, but on the weekends I wear peep-toe wedges. I'm a rebel like that!


  1. Fun! Maybe I will do this next week! We have an uber, uber relaxed dress code at my job. We don't see any clients so we can actually wear jeans every day. It's a huge change from my last job where I wore a suit, blazer, or dress every. single. day. that was fun for about a week (and freaking expensive).

    Even though I can wear jeans every day, I don't. I usually wear a dress or a skirt 1-2 times/week. Today I am wearing a black linen dress that is super comfy! We are having NO-like weather here today: high of 92 degrees with 85% humidity. I felt like I was sleeping in a sauna last night (I don't have central air so my condo is HOT).

    I need to be better about accessorizing!!

  2. We are business casual at my office....which of course leads to various interpretations. I hate ironing so I have lots of dressy sweaters and knit tops. During the summer I wear lots of skirts and dresses, they are comfy and easy to dress up.

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot that my mantra is "never iron"!!!! Britt, I KNOW you like dresses and skirts because I always see you in adorable little dresses in your pictures! I get closet envy, lol.

  4. Ooh, love this post! I don't necessarily consider myself super fashionable, but I work in a government building so I'm constantly struggling with looking professional for my age (I'm easily the youngest person in my whole department), but also having some fashion sense. I'm not good at accessorizing either - but I'm getting better because I find that bracelets/necklaces/rings are easier to pair with dresses and dresses are super easy to slip into. (Do you see the pattern here? Easy=lazy).