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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graduation Party Menu

First, a quick update on my schedule drama:
1. I have to work Friday night, meaning I'll miss my older brother arriving from Texas and quality time with my aunt. She's arriving tomorrow, but it taking Nate (the graduating brother) out to dinner that night. As it turns out, this is not as bad as I thought. Nate was invited to an honors party/reception on Friday and my aunt is going as his "date" to check out his school, department, faculty, etc. So I wouldn't see them, anyway. But I WILL be off Friday morning, and that means I can attend Nate's honors ceremony. He's basically winning all the awards, including top literature award, top philosophy student, and something else important that I forgot (oops). So I can go to that with my aunt.
2. I got off Saturday! Late last night another pharmacist texted me that she would swap with me for next weekend. And she didn't make me take an extra day, either! As a thank you I'm going to have pizza delivered to the pharmacy on Saturday.

So on to my menu: I really, really did not want to spend this weekend cooking (especially with my schedule so up in the air). So I'm actually purchasing fried chicken. I planned on buying it at Crabby Jack's, a little hole in the wall with incredible food. But they're pricey - $2 a piece - and at my local grocery I can get 60 pieces for $50. My local grocery is good, too. So I have to make a decision about that still.
For sides, I'm making three cold salads: one is an apple/cabbage slaw, one is a fancy potato salad, and one is an orzo-sweet pea salad. I'm also serving lemonade, cantaloupe, an cake. The cake is 4 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and rum-vanilla frosting.
I think this will be an easy menu, since the only part I'm doing can be prepared ahead, and it doesn't heat the kitchen up. With 20+ guests in my tiny house, we don't need any added stuffiness!
Can you think of anything I left off?
Oh and the vegetarians in the group? They're bringing their own main dish. Phew. One less detail to fret about!


  1. Yum Crabby Jacks... but why pay the price if you don't have to.

    Um where is the alcohol? ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, booze. Any suggestions? My family doesn't drink (and about 60% are kids, lol). Maybe beer and white wine? Or should I do some kind of summery cocktail thing?

  3. Hooray for the vegetarians bringing their own main dishes. I was wonderful how you were going to come up with a 'common denominator' dish that would work for all of you guests!

    As far as alcohol goes, I'd do beer and wine to keep it simple!!