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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I won a race!

Three years ago!
And I just now discovered it!
Yesterday there was a local race I had planned on running but I didn't because...some other pharmacist flew to California on their weekend to work (I am not making this up) and I saved the day (and made overtime pay) by rushing in and opening the store. Totally not how I planned on spending my weekend, but the OT is really nice. Pharmacists' OT pay is basically obscene.
Anyway... when I got home I googled the race to see the results and only prior years' results were posted. And there I was, top female finisher three years ago! I guess I was a little faster three years ago, LOL. That makes the number of races I've placed in three...and I wasn't around for any of the awards because it never crosses my mind that I'd place so I go home!
Don't you love small, local races where you actually have a chance to place? In the recent Gulf Coast Classic 10k there were under 500 runners!


  1. You go girl!! I haven't ever ran a race but that's going to change this summer!! I've been training for my first 5K. I sooo cannot wait! If you have any tips for me, I'm all ears!

  2. Congratulations! What a fun thing to discover!

  3. Congrats.... a few years later. LOL
    Actually when I lived in NOLA I won a race too (as in first person overall)... but only because it was so pathetically small. The organizers must not have promoted it well or something, I don't think there were even 50 of us. LOL

  4. Well, congrats to you, too, Britt! I remember I ran this race with two (guy) friends and of course we left and got breakfast right after, which is why I didn't realize I placed.

  5. That is so cool - and so funny that you found out way after the fact!

    I certainly have never even been in the running for winning a race. I just am not speedy enough!

  6. Haha, I'm not fast, it was just a small race ;-)