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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Jewelry of Summer

Every season it seems like a few pieces of jewelry keep ending up paired with my outfits over and over again. It may be that they're new, so I'm looking for a chance to wear them; or they could be conveniently at the top of my overstuffed jewelry box over and over again!
Either way, I'm already seeing a pattern for this summer. I seem to be wearing these pieces a lot. Let's start from the middle and work our way out, shall we?

1. Fleur de lis cuff. I bought this last winter at a Pj's coffee and it's making a comeback this summer. The bold graphic design adds a tailored touch to looser, more summery outfits. Plus you can't go wrong with black and white.
2. Black pearl necklace. My aunt brought me this necklace as a gift when she visited for my brother's graduation. Most of my pearl necklaces are B or C grade and have that uneven look; these are beautiful smooth small rounds. They're about 5 mm which is an unusual size for round pearls. The dark color makes them less formal than white pearls and perfect to summerize an outfit; I've been wearing it with clothes you'd normally put with pearls (dressy blouses and classic dresses).
3. I got this chunky red necklace at the dollar store, but I love the long length and bright color! I've been pairing it with a sailor stripe boat-neck shirt: perfectly nautical.
4. I made the blue necklace with glass beads and hematite. The beads are unevenly dyed and look watery. It looks great against yellows - the hematite provides contrast and the blue compliments. I've been dressing up some of those sneaky hidden T-shirts with this one.
5. These coral colored pearls are paired with tiny gold beads. I made this one as a splurge - TWO strands of pearls, how luxurious! - because I was fascinated by the orange color. When I was making jewelry to sell I developed a new technique for knotting pearls (you can't just string them; you tie a knot between each one to prevent rubbing and to prevent loss of the whole strand if it breaks). The knotting technique makes double strands not as daunting - in fact, I finished this necklace fairly quickly, under two hours. It's adorable with white summer dresses and I've put it with crisp linen blouses, too.
Do you tend to wear certain pieces over and over again? What pieces are you wearing this summer?


  1. I wear the same jewelry almost every day. Engagement ring, mignon faget lily ring (that everyone has- haha), watch, diamond studs, and one of three necklaces- a diamond pendant, my Tiffany keys (they hang pretty low so they don't go with all of my tops), and a round silver pendant with a crescent moon and stars. I sometimes also wear a silver water meter cover necklace but I don't like the chain it's on so I wear it less than the others.
    So no color for me- although I have necklaces and rings with colors, I tend to just use my staples.

  2. Fun! Now I want to see them with the actual outfits though. LOL

    I mix it up a little with necklaces and bracelets. Today I have a black kind of striped pattern skirt on with a black cable knit short sleeved sweater, I have a silver cuff bracelet on and a knock off of the Tiffany starfish necklace. I always wear my diamond earings and wedding ring too of course.

    I like silver, so I have a few silver necklaces that are basic chain & pendant. Kind of a funky swirl silver piece that is on a black silk cord, also a silver pendant abstract kind of circle thing that is cut out in the middle and has a flat blue stone piece that I really like. I like silvers and blues I guess. I also have a classic pearl necklace too.

    I really want to get a Mignon Faget piece sometime, I know she had a few pieces specifically for Newcomb College.....but oak trees & acorns don't always go. ;-) Although I do have a very cool necklace that the hubby got me from a local store that is a brushed metal cutout of an oak tree that I love.... so I guess I shouldn't rule the tree/acorn thing out. LOL

  3. My fave is the fleur de lis cuff! Love it!

    I have such a small collection of jewelry so I wear the same pieces over and over and over again. My faves are 3 beaded black bracelets. 2nd fave is a necklace my friend bought - on one side it has the Eiffel Tower, on the other side it says "ooh La La". It makes me smile & reminds me of my time in France so I wear that one quite often.

    I am definitely a bracelet & earrings type of girl, though. I really struggle w/ necklaces as I always feel like they look funny on me. I just lack the confidence to really pull off a bold necklace sometimes!!

  4. Oh love the necklace love love love