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Friday, April 30, 2010

Phone Interview

Something stupid happened during my phone interview. My computer shut down. For no reason, out of the blue, of its own volition, my computer announced, "Firefox.exe is shutting down", then the whole machine promptly closed up shop. This was kind of a problem because I had opened my resume on my screen, plus a document with notes on various accomplishments/areas of experience. These were my interview prompts. Having them suddenly vanish took me aback a little. It was like giving a speech and having your notes blow off the podium in the middle - you still know what you're going to say, but it will come off as less polished! I hope it didn't affect the interview too much but I will admit this was not my best interview. I felt like none of the questions allowed answers that could showcase what I have to offer and it is very hard to judge if your answer is too long or too short over the phone. You're working with no visual cues and precious few audio cues either ("Hm!" "Ah!").
I turned my computer back on and off course it is behaving perfectly docilely now. It's never abruptly shut down before and I'm very sure it will never do it again. Traitor. It probably works for the competition. Maybe my computer is a spy! This very post may be used against me later! It's probably emailing every word I type to another applicant so they will know my weaknesses!
Hm, anyway, tonight I am going to get sushi with a group of people I never met. I found them on Meetup. I was hunting for a book club and found this interesting website that basically throws strangers together based on interests. Thanks to my crazy schedule I have had to pass on a book club meeting in a wine bar (Doesn't that sound fun?) and a sketch group that meets at Barnes and Nobles. Honestly the only reason I skipped that was that it met in Metairie. I'll be darned if I travel to a suburb to draw. I hope they meet closer to my home next time. I need some artistic inspiration!
These "meet ups" are a pretty good idea for me, because we're in a strange sort of friend situation over here. There are 3 components to the friend situation:
1. Hubby is 8 years older than me so his friends are all older and have families; they're in a different place in life than we are (we asked one friend to dinner this week and they told us that they had to be HOME by 5 because bedtime was 5:30 at their house).
2. I graduated...and my school friends all went their separate ways. Of all the girls I used to hang out with outside of school only one stayed in New Orleans, but she went on to a residency, and I rarely see her because she is so busy.
3. Katrina. Many life-long friends simply don't live here anymore.
Basically, we're in a time of shifting friendships - people coming and going, marriages, lots of baby-making. LOTS. Everyone I know has a baby or an impending baby!
So, I'm meeting new people with similar interests. I think it's a quaint idea. As long as one of them isn't an ax murderer or internet predator, I'll come back and report.


  1. Ooh, I went through the whole shifting friends situation a few years ago when I finished grad school and started a new job. My grad school friends were really busy, and my other friends had moved after Katrina. Eventually, one of those friends (my best one) moved back, and I made some more friend when my fiance started med school, but it definitely takes time and it's not easy!
    On that note, let me know if you'd like to get together for a run or go get yogurt or something sometime. :)
    Also, bedtime is 5:30? That sounds really early even for little kids! I'm guessing that at least one of the parent's doesn't have to work 9-5!

  2. Ok, I am still laughing over the 5:30 bedtime thing. Seriously? Wow.

    I hate phone interviews. I have only had to do a couple, but I hate not having visual cues so I can judge how the interview is going. I am crossing my fingers that you get through this part of the process. I bet you will, though. I think you had said that you were being groomed for this, so I am guessing the person making the decision knows about you so the phone interview was just a formality...

    I have been thinking about trying some meet ups groups in my area. I am fortunate to have lots of girlfriends in Minneapolis, but they are all married and many are starting to have kids... so as the only single one, I feel like maybe it's time to branch out and meet some new people that are also single? I am going to try a local running group on Wednesday and am hoping there will be some people around my age. And truth be told, I am really hoping there is a cute, single guy. :)

    Happy Friday! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my skin! I have struggled w/ my skin and it's finally starting to clear up a bit. It's so frustrating that my skin is worse now than it was during puberty or college when I was eating like crap. My derm keeps telling me that acne flares up in the upper 20s for alot of people, but it's still uber frustrating.

  3. Technology at its best. I'm sure you still did great though. Crossing fingers for you!

    5:30 bedtime? those poor children. oh and apparently the parents don't know how to get a babysitter? what fun life they must lead.

    One of my good friends lives over in Gretna. She is preggers too though. She is lots of fun though... she loves working out, attempts to garden and is always up to something fun.

    You going to Jazz Fest at all? I was just discussing fest food with a couple of NOLA attorneys. I so miss Crawfish Bread & Mango Freezes.

  4. Shelly, I sure will. We have TWO new yogurt places now!!!