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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greek Fest!!!

I'm always scared of festivals in the New Orleans summer heat - I dread the headache from beating down sun, the smell of other hot people, the bacterial breeding ground food, the weird tan lines the next day. It turns out that the perfect solution is to have your festival at night! Greek Fest Friday night was the perfect temperature, thanks mostly to storms and rain nearby. No rain came our way, though!
The 5k was bleah for me. It started at 7, so my blood sugar was crazy low and I was feeling lightheaded. Plus, you know, I'd been sick to my stomach so I hadn't really been eating anyway. And I was already a little woozy just from being sick. I figured I was ok to run though, and I was; but I had to slow it down and...well...I got sick during the race and right after! Grosssss! Some sweet lady at the finish line brought me wet wipes, which I must say was pretty heroic of her since no one really wants someone puking behind their spectating spots. My pace was horrid, 23:55, slower than I run on my normal runs in the park - which makes me wonder why I bother running races. It seems like something always goes wrong and then I feel like I wasted my entry fee! You know I'm cheap like that.
After the race we cleaned up and headed to the fest. We ended up running into a hundred people we knew (including one of my brothers) and I decided to settle my stomach with some feta fries. It did no such thing. I tried baklava next...same results. I decided perhaps the ol' tummy didn't need Greek food just yet. I managed the Abita lights just fine, though!
We sat on the grass by Bayou St John in a cool breeze listening to Greek music and talking to all the friends we happened to run into and I have to say (tummy and all) it was the most fun I've had at a festival in awhile.
What's your favorite summer festival? And have you ever run sick just because you already paid the entry fee? I totally would, even if I had bubonic plague. I can't stand wasting money. It kills me!
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  1. I have to laugh at the fact that your slow pace would be a dream race finish for me! ;) You are one speedy lady! Especially since you did that sick. No fun.

    I don't know if I had a stomach bug or if it's just nerves from the weekend, but I haven't been feeling well all weekend but still went for my 10 mile run. So I would probably also run a race if I wasn't feeling well... I am just stubborn like that!

  2. Well, you ran a 5k when most people are eating away or not even out of bed yet so that's quite an accomplishment. Not every race can be stellar. PS-Greek salad in the pic below looks super yummy.

  3. Sorry your stomach was upset, but I'm glad you liked the festival anyway!