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Friday, April 16, 2010

Another busy weekend

Yesterday (while I should have been preparing for a lecture) I discovered a 10k race on the beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi tomorrow. So I told the hubby we were doing the race. You know what a good sport he is? He just said, "Ok." Mind you, David hates exercise. But I think I'm slowly converting him. You see, I gave him the option of doing the 2-mile fun run instead, and he actually opted for the 10k. Looks like my brainwashing is working!
I actually have a packed weekend. I'm off work today and I already did a kickboxing class (fun way to cross-train!) and some groceries. I also stopped at a fruit stand and loaded up on inexpensive, fresh produce. Avocados were 6/$5: who could pass that up?
Now I'm reviewing for my presentation at the Tulane residents conference this afternoon, and I also have to squeeze in work on a presentation I'm writing for the company, plus start a CE course I'm required to do as follow-up to the HIV symposium I recently attended. I also need to pack some clothes, because after my presentation we're going to Bay St Louis to spend the night before the race (my in-laws' house is about 10 minutes from the start). The race is along the beach and should be breezy and beautiful!
We're leaving Bay St Louis soon after and heading back to NOLA for a christening - then I have work the next day!
So...just a little busy today. I have to give those slides a once-over now, so happy Friday to you and see you Monday!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend but with some fun! Awesome that your brainwashing mission is working too. ;-)

    Hope you have a great race!

  2. You do have ae busy weekend!! I hope the race went well. Sounds like a fun venue. I hope to some day run a race along the beach!