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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Breaking Beauty Rules

Subtitle: "How to totally misuse items in your makeup kit".
This might be my single biggest lazy beauty trick. And 'cause I'm a sweetheart, I'll share it with you!
It's about eyeliner. To me, eyeliner should give the impression of thick lashes (or enhance thick lashes), not "define the eye" or circle the eye or underline the eye or ring the eye. Basically, I'm too lazy to put mascara on (It's so hard to get right, so time-consuming to apply correctly, so difficult and messy to remove), so I let my eyeliner do the job instead.
The big secret? Use lipliner instead. I mean a high quality, self-sharpening one (the kind that telescopes out of the stick). There are a wide variety of lipliner colors available, but they all have one thing in common: a red base. This makes your liner look incredibly natural. If you look at your lash line you'll notice the skin has a pink, red, or purple tint in that area. Selecting a color that picks up that tint makes the line look much more natural and gives the impression of naturally thick lashes. A plain black or brown can't blend in with your skin and therefor does not appear to be part of your lash line at all, but a fake line of pigment (which is what it is). You have to go with a red!
I promise.
Right now I'm using Revlon Colorstay in Figs, but I've also used Eggplant, Wine, Blackberry, and Plum. If you have lighter lashes, you would probably look great in Sienna, Nude, or Rust.
Now go try it and then tell me how impressed you are.


  1. Gah my dang comment wouldn't go through. Ggrrr... any how. I'll have to try that, but I need to get lip liner... don't have any in my makeup repertoire right now.

  2. Weird. This comment posted. The one that popped up in my email didn't.

  3. Oh oops. They both posted now. Hm!

  4. Genius. That is just genius. I would have never thou;ght of that! What a great idea. I totally need to try this!!

  5. Me again. Saw that you responded to Meghann's blog post. French Quarter Fest! Totally forgot about that, fun stuff.

    Oh and I had forgotten about Lebanons, they have the best hummus! I actually used to wait tables at the little Italian place next door.... sadly I cannot even remember the name of it! Well that's if it is even still there!

  6. I guess the Italian place closed - it's been a number of things since I got here and now it's Spanish tapas!