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Monday, April 12, 2010

While I was away... hubby bought a car.

Yes. While I was on a business trip my husband bought a car. You read that right. But he has my blessing. The poor man was driving a 12 year old Civic that has been in an accident and flooded and was literally falling apart. Oil gushed out of it. The windows wouldn't roll down anymore. The CD player (in the trunk, folks) broke. It made so much noise driving that we couldn't talk on the phone in the car. Parts occasionally fell off. The brakes had the effectiveness of sticking a Popsicle stick into bicycle spokes. Chunks of foam sprayed out of the vents when you used the A/C (which still works! Anyone want to buy a 12 year old Civic with the proverbial "cold A/C"?). The worst thing about the car was that it refused to actually die. If it would just croak, we would just replace it!
Well, while I was away my husband saw an ad for a 2008 Subaru Impreza hatchback. This is actually the car we had picked out when the Civic flooded (that was before USAA elected to repair it instead - and stuck us with a flooded 12 year old car). In fact, it was even the color we liked, and it is still under warranty and has under 20k miles on it. The owner was moving to England...TODAY. So the hubby took it for a test drive and did a mechanics once-over, offered her UNDER THE TRADE IN VALUE (and well below Bluebook!) and she took the offer!
The car is basically pristine and was a great deal. So I understand why he couldn't pass it up!
Now I have allowed the hubby to go on a guys trip to Vegas without me and buy a car while I was out of town, so I think I am officially the best wife ever.


  1. Nice! Subaru's are great cars! (I love my Forester!)

  2. Dang you are a nice wife! Congrats on the killer deal on the car though!

  3. Hooray for your husband finding a great deal on a car. Wow, his last car sounded so terrible! He def earned a newer car!! Reminds me of the disaster of a car that I drove when I first learned to drive. Yikes.