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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome to Phoenix!

AND HELLO, beautiful, shiny, sleek hair! Where were you when I needed you in New Orleans?! I've been here for an hour and I already don't recognize my hair.
This is just a quick post that serves as a shout-out to the Chandler Fashion Center Marriot. This place is great! They allowed me to check in at 9 am instead of 3pm, and when the concierge saw my laptop bag he asked the clerk to upgrade me to a suite with an office. So yeah! I'm in a top-floor suite with a view and I'm working on that darned continuing education article, at a desk with all manner of charging outlets, and using free wifi. This is so much nicer than crashing at Starbucks with my luggage like I had planned. I did get some Starbucks at the cafe downstairs, though - getting up at 4 am makes a gal tired. I plan on getting some work in this morning, then going for a run around the grounds before registering for the conference and meeting my company for dinner. Here's to getting things done!


  1. Sa-wheet! Gotta love an upgrade! :-)

    Um... I might recommend a nappy-poo at some point. I know I would turn into a zombie at that dinner thing if I were you.

  2. My best friend lives very, very close to the Chandler mall you are stayiing by! Enjoy your time in Phoenix! Sounds like they are having beautiful weather there right now!!

  3. Wahoo for upgrades! Enjoy! Good luck this weekend with your conference!