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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A post on conferences and dry air

Here I sit at my desk enjoying some late afternoon breezes, an orange, and some peanuts (I'm having a mid-workout snack. I finished a run and needed a bite before heading to the fitness center to see what they have to offer). My conference is over, and my head is spinning with new information and plans. I think the company - or my district, anyway - has a lot of work to do in order to profitably serve the HIV population. I enjoyed meeting other clinically-minded pharmacists from around the nation. Thirty of us were invited to attend and we all have different backgrounds: some have established HIV practices; others (like myself!) come from a district with no HIV program in place at all. I got a chance to pick the brains of several experienced pharmacists and took some good notes. So that's a great thing about these conferences. However, there is a downside. You get to see the yucky, stupid side of your co-workers. Yes, I am talking to you, D-bag pharmacist who got drunk and would not stop hitting on me and insulting women all in the same breath. This is a company event. Sober up and please shut up!
Other than, you know, some jerks, I'm enjoying my time. I just got back from a 45 minute run in the neighborhood around the hotel during which I barely leaked a drop of sweat (it's 87 degrees) but I did have two nosebleeds! I am so obviously not used to this dry climate. I bled all down my arm and showed back up at the hotel looking like an accident victim (I couldn't find any faucet outside to wash up since I was unfamiliar with the area).
As I was just typing this I realized that I definitely DID sweat - it just rapidly evaporated. I'm figuring this out because as I type white powder is poofing off my hands and arms - it's salt! In NOLA sweat just stays on you until you wash it off!
I'm off to check the gym out, then a group of us who are staying until tomorrow are going to meet for dinner. Wish me luck with these lonely youngsters. I don't want to have to beat anyone up.
PS -Sorry about the no pictures. I took some pictures, but I didn't bring the cable for the camera and my laptop doesn't have a card port.


  1. I feel your pain! Unspeakable things were happening inside my nose when I was in Colorado. I didn't have any nose bleeds though, thankfully.

  2. Ugh. Why do people feel the need to drink too much at a work event? And then make rude comments. Seriously? Gross.

    I love the dry heat of AZ. My best friend lives in Phx and my sister lives in Tucson. It's such a nice change from the humidity in Minnesota. I mean, I know our humidity is probably nothing compared to NOLA, though, so I can't complain!!

  3. Sounds like you have been quite productive! Sucky about the bloody nose though.... that is quite the extreme though going from NOLA to the desert.

  4. I should mention that due to a hormonal imbalance I suffer from nosebleeds fairly often and rather easily - so I probably get a bloody nose once or twice a month regardless. The dry air just exacerbated it.
    And BOO for an hour and a half flight delay :(