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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dress re-do

On my recent shopping spree I bought a FREAKIN' CUTE (sorry to get all high school on you there) dress at an undisclosed location (ok, ok, it was Rainbow). Weeell...the dress was adorable on the hanger.

On me it made me look like I had two butts. I'm serious! The large peplum imitates, you know, the hip area. Ideally, a peplum should be placed parallel to your hips and rear - ie, the widest part of the peplum corresponds with the widest part of your bum, and the top of the peplum cinches in at your waist. This dress didn't fit that way at all. Perhaps this is a direct result of shopping in a pre-teen clothing store, but I think that's just a correlation. Whatever the reason, or reasoning on the designers' parts, the peplum started above the waist and ended mid-rear. This gave a profile of, well, two butts.
I have used a handy piece of torn notebook paper to illustrate this design concept.

Not one to waste $10, I grabbed my trusty sewing scissors and performed dress surgery. I removed part of the peplum and restitched it as a sleeker "mini peplum" that totally flatters!

Now I'm back to one butt, albeit large. You see it is totally holding its own and did not need back up from a second butt. What do you think - worth the $10 and a half hour of sewing? I say yes!


  1. Dang you are good, that looks awesome! I say totally worth it, it looks great on you!!!

    I wish I was as handy.... I have a sewing machine.... I just need to get over my fear of using it.

  2. I'm so impressed with your ability to revamp that dress. It looks FABULOUS!!