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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was off work yesterday because I have to work on EASTER SUNDAY. Poor me. Actually I traded for Sunday: I was scheduled to work Saturday, but I had already registered for the Crescent City Classic 10k. So I swapped with another pharmacist - who was probably happy to get Easter off!
Working the weekend gives you a sometimes extremely useful day off in the middle of the week. If I have errands to run I love these mid-week days off, but apparently if I don't have pressing matters I just spend oodles of money.
That's what I did yesterday!
First I went to Pier 1, where I found baskets (on sale) to fit my wire shelf so I can pretend it isn't college student furniture. These baskets have been in the works for about a year: I have had so much trouble finding the right size; then when I did find a set of three on Target's website they sent me just one basket. When I called they informed me that the item had been discontinued (nice). The new baskets are shorter, so I am stacking them by twos.

I also bought these tiny bowls on clearance for $1; they match my casual plates and are much more cereal-sized than our big soup bowls.

The real reason for my errand was to buy drinking glasses at World Market, which is right next to Pier 1. Our glasses supply has been dwindling as we clumsily break them; we were down to just 4 glasses! I broke down and went shopping when I tried out a super cheap powdered dishwasher detergent from the dollar store. It scratched all my glassware, making it look like this:

I went with a fleur de lis design on our new ones. I love it! And of course, they were on sale.

I also bought some wine and saki (for some sakitinis!).
THEN (ha! Not done shoppin' yet!) I trotted across the parking lot to one of my secret shopping destinations: Rainbow! Yes, you have to squeeze through racks crammed so close together you have to suck your tummy in. Yes, there are probably going to be highschoolers in there. Yes, your clothes might fall apart in the wash (may I recommend cold water gentle cycle?). But you can get some deals on cute clothes you don't want to spend a lot of money on. See? Adorable dress and totally classic blazer - total $28, 10% Louisiana sales tax included.

I don't think I've ever actually bought this many items in one day in my whole life but I can honestly say all of it was needed - especially the glasses. I had to serve guests water out of wine glasses before! And in my defense everything I bought was on sale or clearance, per my usual habits.
What's your latest big purchase? And since I'm a major snoop, have you bought any cute clothes lately? That's my size? That I can borrow?
Up next: hep me pack for my Phoenix business trip!


  1. My latest big purchase was signing up for a half ironman. LOL I bit the bullet and just did it, come September I may be kicking myself.

    As for clothes.... um after I passed my exam the other day I treated myself to a couple of new items, one wasn't even on sale!

    Love those glasses and of course so New Orleans....

  2. Days off during the week are awesome. I always get so much done and it's so nice to run errands when it's kind of quiet in the stores. I am impressed by all the deals that you scored!

    I have not bought any clothes for myself lately. I am transitioning between jobs so am trying to be as frugal as I possibly can be right now! I was in Phoenix back in February and I bought a pair of skinny jeans & a plaid button down shirt at Banana Republic - they are so cute & I have been meaning to wear them together w/ a fun belt on the outside of the shirt, but haven't really had a reason to wear an outfit like that. Someday soon I hope.

  3. I'll have to check Rainbow out. My work clothes are getting pretty old!
    Good luck in the Classic! I'll be running it as well! :)

  4. So Lisa, are those skinnies in my size??? JK. I love that outfit combination though!