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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some interesting health headlines

Well, ok, they're interesting to me anyway.

- Our bacterial "fingerprint" may identify us. it's not as exact as dna (like, not even close) but it could be used to rule suspects out perhaps.

- Men with erectile dysfunction are 1.6 times as likely to have serious cardiovascular problems compared to men who don't have ED. They're also twice as likely to die from all causes. Conclusion? Treat ED as a sign or symptom of a more serious condition, not a disease of its own.

- People at high risk for developing type II diabetes have the best chance of staving it off by altering their diet and exercise habits. This is the conclusion of a study that looked at use of two drugs to prevent development of the disease; once again, lifestyle changes had better results than the medication.

- The best way to protect our communities from flu outbreaks is by vaccinating the kids...because kids are gross and spread germs. I still stick with my argument that you should only get the thimersol-free vaccine.

There's something to ponder. I swear pictures of hair are coming, I just have to twist the hubby's arm a little harder. Hope you have a great Tuesday!