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Friday, March 19, 2010

Foody Friday: Bringing smoothies to lunch

Once in awhile I get into a smoothie kick. They're really good for meals at work because you don't have to use a utensil or actually touch your food (like a sandwich...germ city). Can you tell that eating at work is a real challenge? With a smoothie I can just stick my face down and slurp out of a straw as a take a prescription over the phone from a doctor or sit on hold with your insurance company (who is going to deny your claim anyway, sorry).
I've kind of conquered the bring-a-smoothie-to-work challenge. You see, you have to keep it cold, but not frozen solid. Nor totally melted. 'Tis a fine line! SO here's my fail-proof method for lunch time smoothies. The only caveat is that you have to have the same kind of smoothie everyday.
What you need: large plastic containers for your smoothies, such as these rubbermaid containers. I used to have several of these in a slightly larger size - 20 ounces isn't quite as large as I'd like. Now I use an odd assortment of free containers from drug companies and road races.
What to do: On Sunday (I'm a big fan of prepping work week food on Sunday!) make a single batch of your smoothie of choice. Then pour it into your containers, about 1/4 full in each. The thicker your smoothie, the more you need to put into each container (thinner smoothies will freeze more easily and need less). Here is a really bad photographic example:

Put your lids on and pop into the freezer.
During the work week, whip up a batch of smoothie (you may want to make a little less than usual), grab a container out of the freezer, and pour in your smoothie. Put the lid on and tote it off to work.* When lunch time comes, simply shake it up and drink! Voila!
*You might want to stick it in the fridge. I do sometimes and it slows the melting process.

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