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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marathon recovery....

I was wondering what it would be like to recover from a marathon. Well, guess what? If you're a slow-poke like me, it's nothing!
My knee hurts, but hey - my knee always hurts a little. Other than the knee pain and my cough (which I think kind of came back after Sunday's run: oops) I feel great! And keep in mind that I stand/walk for 8 hours a day at work, and I still felt fine Monday and today at work. My muscles aren't sore at all and they never did feel sore. I never got sick to my stomach and - shocking - all my toenails are intact.
Translation? I didn't run hard enough!
Haha. I'm going for at least 1 toenail loss next marathon!


  1. Ah that just means your shoes fit. ;-)

    Great to hear you aren't sore though. Sometimes it just depends your legs that day.... sometimes I'm really sore, other times I'm not.

    Enjoy NOT being sore!!!

  2. What's weird is that I felt like I was putting out so much effort for so little result the entire race! I expected my quads to be burning!
    You know what I do have though, that I forgot to mention? I have chaffing on my cheeks from my sunglasses! Ha!