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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now is the time!

Early March is a great time to buy ...
There are three reasons for this:
1. All the new summer gear is about to - or already has - hit stores, so last year's items are going on clearance.
2. Exercise resolutions have pretty much crumbled by now, so companies are dropping prices since new purchases are down (can you imagine how many people buy their first or first in a while pair of running shoes in January?).
3. It's season-change, and all the winter clothes are on clearance. After this bitterly cold winter here in NOLA (last night there was a freeze on the Northshore), I'm going to buy some running tights and a jacket or other insulated top. I FROZE on my runs this winter. Luckily they were few and far between, hee hee. Next year I'll be prepared!

Want some inspiration? Check out these sales!

Sports Authority is offering $10 off orders of $50 and free shipping on footwear, plus they have a large 50% clearance section

Some colors of Brooks racing flats are on big sale.

Road Runner Sports' "endangered" sale sells off discontinued shoes.

Plus in store clearance sections are chock-full right now.


  1. Love me a good sale! I always hit up the clearance racks at Target, their c9 line isn't too shabby. I have some running tights & capris from there that I like just about as much as my pricier ones. Plus I love their tanks.

    Watch next winter be mild down there and you'll wonder why you bought all that cold weather gear. ;-)

  2. I'm actually buying new shoes today. And I'm craving so fun new workout clothes. I guess my timing is perfect!

  3. Shelly I want to see what shoes you buy!

  4. I just saw that you wanted to see what shoes I buy- I'll look when I get home and let you know. I've gotten the same style of Asics three times in a row- they are great for me!

  5. They are Asics GT-2150's.