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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Haircut and F-I-L update

My father in law was discharged yesterday and is home with the only memory gap being the time during the actual episode (which he doesn't remember at all). We talked to him last night and he's 100% back to normal. He left with no diagnosis and a clean battery of tests: not a single test came back positive, although I think it's safe to assume that SOMETHING cut off oxygen to the brain! Frankly I think the neurology team is as baffled as we are: his discharge summary reads something like, "Man in his sixties presented with total global amnesia of at least the past year, no other physical signs, memory gradually returning, all tests negative, patient discharged home in good health."
My casual opinion is that this is either a TIA or heavy metal toxicity (can I blame that for my eyes swelling up, too???).
Now on to my haircut. Thanks to all the drama, I never did get my glamor shots by the hubby, so you'll have to settle for Blackberry pics taken by myself in my bathroom.

This is my hair wash-and-air dried. If I scrunch it with a little gel and water it gets kind of curly, and looks like my inspiration, this picture of Jessica Alba (minus the floppy bangs):

And if I let it go two days without a shampoo (which I usually do, since my hair tends to be dry), the next day it has less of a body wave that the first picture shows, and more of a piece-y, layered look. Kind of rocker. I like it.
This is the shortest my hair's ever been and it's a lot to get used to. I used to wear it in a neat bun most of the time and now it's too short for a ponytail, so that's been strange. Plus all the waves and body are new - it's only slightly wavy when long because it's thick and heavy and the weight pulls it straight.
So, now for a vote! Should I keep it kind of short, like my new haircut? Or pretty long, like it was over Christmas?


  1. Wow! You did gain a lot of curl! It's so cute!
    I'm the opposite, mine is getting wavy now that it's getting longer.
    I like your hair both ways. I am a short haired girl at heart- (growing my hair out for my wedding is KILLING me), but if you miss pulling it up, you may want to grow it out.
    Also, for another look, you can try a flat iron. I loved my flat iron with my short hair (which was basically a bob) b/c it looked really neat and professional for work, but only took me a couple minutes to style. Sadly, my long hair looks strange when I iron it. (I'm seriously at a loss trying to figure out how to style this mess- the only thing I've learned reliably is that my long hair kind of hates when I shampoo it- so my wash days are bad days. Otherwise I just condition it a little in the shower and scrub my scalp and it looks much healthier.)

  2. So glad to hear your FIL is back to himself. (I don't think that was gramatically correct. His self?) And love the new 'do!

  3. So good to hear your FIL is doing better, frustrating though that they don't really know what happened. Not something you'd want to have happen to him when he is alone for awhile.

    Cute hair! Both look great! Personally I'm all about function. I HAVE to be able to pull my hair back, but I also hate when I get a "rats nest" when run and its too long. So that kinda limits me a bit on length. Although I'm starting to want longer hair again, however I may not feel that way after my 20 miler this weekend.