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Monday, March 8, 2010

Running tights...for a steal

As in, I stole them. Literally.
Here they are in all their illegal glory:

Inspired by Britt's comment about Target's running clothes, I stopped by on the way home from work last week and found that, sure enough, much of the winter work out clothes were on clearance or sale. However, I opted to get a more year-round capri style. I grabbed a pair and a few other clearance clothes items, like this nightie for $3.75 that I totally plan on wearing as a summer beach dress:

Can't you see that as a cover-up or just a dress for porch-sitting and lemonade drinking?
When I checked my purchases out, one of the items didn't ring up for the correct price and had to be voided and re-rung. Apparently the cashier also voided the running tights, and since I'd already slid my credit card I didn't even glance at the total before my cashier was handing me my receipt. I caught the error after I got home...and the Target I was shopping at is an HOUR from my house! I'm sorry, but I'm not driving an hour to pay for these. Just not. Instead I'm going solve this using my husband's good idea: buy a Target gift card for the appropriate amount and then cut it up!
Has a cashier ever skipped an item in your cart? Do you rush back and pay, or do something lazy like me? Is there a cost cut-off (I'm worried about the $14.99 I paid for these, but I probably would shrug off a $0.99 pack of gum)?


  1. You know, I have gotten home and realized I haven't paid for something from Target. I called them and they told me to not worry about it. I love your hubby's idea about the gift card!

  2. Yay!!! Fabulous bargain shopping!!! Love their capris too. Capris are perfect for that in between weather.... might be too hot for pants, but too cool for shorts.

    But you are a much better person than me.... I would rationalize that for such a large company its their loss. I like the idea of calling though....

  3. I have a little bit collection of tights and yoga clothes but then also I like to watch more running tights and also like to buy them so I can wear different different tights when I am going for jogging.
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  4. I much prefer the running tights because I find when I wear shorts and get hot after a work out my legs stick to the leather seats in my smart car