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Friday, March 26, 2010

Foody Friday: This is my last smoothie post, I swear.

Just one leetle last post about smoothies. I have to share this tip with you!
My smoothie making secret is...

Use banana ice cubes instead of plain ice. All you do is break your bananas up into ice-cube sized pieces and freeze them (this is a wonderful way to save nearly-brown bananas from certain death-by-banana-bread fate). Then when you use these cubes instead of ice as you make a smoothie you have accomplished several things:
1. You won't dilute your smoothie
2. These banana cubes don't freeze into solid blocks, so the blending time is greatly reduced and you don't get surprise chunks of uncrushed ice banging into your teeth as you try to surreptitiously drink a smoothie at work.
Of course you can also throw other frozen fruit in instead, like a handful of frozen berries, to the same effect...but I kind of buying the day-old banana bag for $0.99 at my grocery store and freezing most of them.
This tip assumes that you put bananas in your smoothie, so I guess I should ask - what goes in your smoothie? What's your favorite fruit blend, and are you one of those people who puts scoops of stuff in them? Like protein powder? Flax? Estrogen replacement? (ha, I made that up)


  1. I need to get back to freezing my bananas. Good call on breaking them up into "cubes".

    I'm pretty plain jane lately.... spinach, milk or almond milk, banana and some ground flax. I should have thrown the last of the blackberries in this morning, that would have been delish!

  2. I use frozen bananas too! My favorite breakfast smoothie (i.e. more calories than a snack smoothie) is banana, almond milk, chocolate protein powder, frozen cranberries and spinach. I also like banana, strawberry protein powder and milk for a snack smoothie.

  3. Frozen cherries, blueberries, and bananas, a handful of spinach, a tablespoon of flaxseed, and some skim milk. Awesome in a cup.

    (I worked in a smoothie bar in college so I have MANY smoothie recipes that rate awesome)

  4. ooooh, I need more recipes then! I love cherries so I bet this is delicious.