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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday is "cheap date" day!

Since we're about halfway to the weekend, I decided Wednesday is a good day to share cheap date ideas so we can all start making plans. Now by date I don't just mean boyfriend and girlfriend. This can be go out with the girls stuff, fun places to go with kids, etc.
So I need all readers' help here. I want to hear your date/event plans that don't break the bank! In fact I think I am going to impose a price limit.
$25 per person. That's not that cheap so I think you can handle it.

I'll go first because actually I have a cheap date TONIGHT!
One of the nice things you can do for free in New Orleans is attend free concerts during the spring and summer months. This Wednesday, it's John Boutte and Trombone Shorty - two great locals. You're supposed to buy food and drink at the event (there are vendors) but I think I'll be packing dinner instead. Doesn't that sound like a great break from studying?
Jazz/soul concert - FREE
Bottle of Yellow Tale - $4.99
Pita Sandwiches - $4.00
Streetcar fare (there and back, 2 people) - $2.50
Total date $5.50 per person. Yay us!

SO what are you doing this week/weekend for less than $25 a person?

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  1. That's John Boutte up there giving us all the creepy guy eye.