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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CHeap date Wednesday: real stuff on Youtube

Ok, really cheesy, I know... but seriously there is some good stuff on Youtube and I'm not just talking about someone's hapless child making strange mouth noises or that guy who does the half an hour long dance montage.
I'm talking about old series that are off the air that you'd have to buy on DVD otherwise. Specifically. I'm talking about Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes! I'm a Holmes addict and devoted Connan Doyle fan, and I believe Jeremy Brett actually WAS Holmes, he was so perfect. Some gem of a copyright-infringer posted segments of the Sherlock Holmes series from PBS and I've been devouring them. It will be even better when it's cold out: Snuggle up with the honey and hot cocoa for a scary mystery!
Go watch The Speckled Band and tell me if my devotion is misplaced. Best ever.

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