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Monday, June 8, 2009

Test Tomorow!

Tomorrow is the big day - the day I take my NAPLEX, the pharmacy licensing exam. I gave myself three weeks to study everything I learned in 6 years of school...then I took quite a few hours off to work, tutor, teach classes, change my status on Facebook, make brownies, go to parties, and rearrange my bookshelves. Probably not the best study plan. Tonight I am working the late shift at the hospital, but I think that's ok because it will force me to get out of study mode and prevent me from cramming (which is detrimental to your long-term memory. I know all the rules, I teach for Kaplan Testprep!).
After the test hubby and I are going to dinner at La Crepe Nanou, my favorite restaurant in the world and site of our first "real" date (we met once before but it was more like introducing ourselves instead of a date).
Then unfortunately it's back to the books - I still have to take the law portion of the exam in a week and a half!
If you never hear from me gain it means the test was really hard and I committed hari kari.

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