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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Antenna Armageddon

Hubby and I are in the middle of a huge fight. We are at the stage where we are still civil, but every menial conversation becomes a platform for our disagreement. The sore subject? A TV antenna. You see, I could not possibly care less
a. What is on TV
b. What the picture looks like
Hubby, on the other hand, is obsessed with a perfect HD picture. This kills me because to me it all looks the same, plus who really cares that the football game is in HD? A tackle looks the same in grainy black and white or reverberating crisp color.
Behind my back David bought this totally ugly antenna that is supposed to look like a picture frame. The problem is that the frame part is ugly fake wood... plus it actually works better outside the frame, meaning that we have this gross piece of cardboard that used to go inside a frame on display in our living room...and to pick up some stations it must be prominently displayed on our mantle, making us quintessential white trash. Oh my gosh, it is ugly. Now granted, our decorating has suffered since I've been glued to the books (There are dead flowers sharing space with the used-to-be-framed antenna on my mantle) but this is just beyond tacky. It's got to go. I'd much prefer a plain old ugly antenna that actually looks like it is doing its job. My rule of thumb is that most things that are made to look like something else for camouflage are tacky. Case in point? Those dopey crocheted dolls that sit on top of your spare rolls of toilet paper.
Take a look at the ugliness above and vote: keep the horrendous thing? Or shell out the cash for a new antenna that looks like what it is?

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