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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's REALLY complicated now

I can't even come to grips with the complicated turn my life has taken since Friday.
Friday I lost my job. Before I got it. This is the job I have been groomed for. It was a position created especially for me, and I've poured time and effort into this job-to-be, working late nights instead of studying, giving up my vacation days to go to work, all with the goal of becoming a pharmacist at this facility later. But good ol' Uncle Sam canned that one: Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement cuts are costing our tiny hospital a projected $3 million per month, and my position got cut. The sad thing is that my boss begged me to turn down other offers because she really really wanted me in this position, and I did!
Let's break this down:
- I have 10 years experience in pharmacy
- I am valedictorian
- I have a 4.0
- My resume includes published research (twice), written protocols for major medical centers, winner of every clinical contest available, 20 or so awards and scholarships, winner of best pharmacy student research state-wide, multiple leadership positions, and oodles of cute little little things like "winner of this race" and "winner of that art contest".
- Basically I'm over-qualified for any typical pharmacy job and under-qualified for any fun job like "director for the whole state's medicaid drug program". Stinky.
- I don't have a job

Life isn't fair. And so I join the ranks of the unemployed, with terrible timing. You see pharmacies recruit and hire in November in anticipation of graduations in May. All the spots here are taken! I will probably have to commute an hour if I can even find a job that close!
And of course hubby was out of town when I got the news and is returning today so I get to greet him with GREAT news.
I'm pretty down about this because I feel like I have had so many disappointments recently. I've heard several pieces of bad news in the past month, and have had several personal disappointments. I keep waiting for the sun to break through the clouds, but things just keep getting worse.
This is also difficult for me because I'm very independent and I've had at least one job since I was 14 years old!
So that's today's complication. Next week: time to hit the job market with all I've got!

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